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<Identify & fix security bugs // Block attacks in real-time/>

Integrated Part of The Software Development Life Cycle

Scan your uncompiled source code and detect application-layer vulnerabilities early in the SDLC to speed up the remediation process.
Easy to Use
With CxSAST you get a user-friendly interface, with easy-to-understand results that are fully customizable.
Scan & Fix Early
Scan your code in the early stages of the Software Life Cycle (SLC) and mitigate vulnerabilities early.
Full SDLC Integration
You can now treat security bugs just like QA bugs. CxSAST is present in all development stages.
Accurate Results
CxSAST helps optimal mitigation performance with its industry-leading accuracy.
Comprehensive Result Breakdown For Optimal Vulnerability Mitigation
Checkmarx's unique Graph View, Attack Vector Display and Best-Fix Location feature enable a step by step analysis of the scanned source code.

Supported Languages

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What Our Clients Are Saying
  • Yair Rovek

    Yair Rovek | Security Specialist

    Checkmarx's technology is highly accurate and easy to use. It offers great performance and the ability to scan incomplete code samples.

  • Kobi Lechner

    Kobi Lechner | Information Security Manager

    It is easy to use and provides highly accurate results combined with the flexibility we need to enforce our application security policy.

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Interested in trying CxSAST on your own code? You can now use Checkmarx's solution to scan uncompiled / unbuilt source code in 18 coding and scripting languages and identify the vulnerable lines of code. CxSAST will even find the best-fix locations for you and suggest the best remediation techniques. Sign up for your FREE trial now.
Checkmarx is now offering you the opportunity to see how CxSAST identifies application-layer vulnerabilities in real-time. Our in-house security experts will run the scan and demonstrate how the solution's queries can be tweaked as per your specific needs and requirements. Fill in your details and we'll schedule a FREE live demo with you.