Application Security Testing
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Ease the friction between security professionals and developers.

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Security Professionals Want to
Test, Developers Want to Code

Application security is the number one priority of security professionals,
but developers just want to code. Getting developers to use Application Security
Testing is one of the biggest challenges facing security professionals today.

Application Security
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Checkmarx Makes Security Testing Easy

Fitting in Seamlessly with how developers work

Becoming a part of the software development lifecycle

Checkmarx SDLC
Checkmarx SDLC
Checkmarx SDLC
Checkmarx SDLC

Bottom Line

Checkmarx can be integrated at every step of the SDLC, which leads to less vulnerabilities, reduced fixes to older code, lower costs and, most importantly, far more secure applications.

Checkmarx SDLC
  • Checkmarx SDLC
  • Checkmarx SDLC

What our clients are saying

  • Yair RovekYair Rovek | Security Specialist

    Checkmarx's technology is highly accurate and easy to use. It offers great performance and the ability to scan incomplete code samples.

  • Kobi LechnerKobi Lechner | Information Security Manager

    It is easy to use and provides highly accurate results combined with the flexibility we need to enforce our application security policy.

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