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Top 5 Apps to Keep Your Android Secure

Securing your data in an increasingly insecure world is no easy task. Backing up computer data,installing software that protects you from identity theft are just a few things we do to secure our data.  Think about it. Why wouldn’t you want to protect your Android Phone? It’s not only if you physically lose your phone with ALL the data on it. The pictures, emails, contacts, text messages, music, video. You all know that data is not so secure even when the phone is sitting in the palm of your hand. Below, we explore this security issue with real – life examples and give a few recommendations on apps to protect the data you need.  At work. In life.

Here are a few common scenarios that we all can relate to:

  • You’re sitting in a cafe waiting for a co-worker and the media player app (at least that’s what you thought it was) you just downloaded while on the train to work just started sending SMS messages to all your contacts (Including International) racking up a huge phone bill.
  • A hacker sends an email or text which appears to be from a trusted source, like your mobile carrier. The message urges you to click on a link, which if you do, infects the device. At this point the hacker gains complete control of your phone, enabling them to eavesdrop on conversations or to monitor the location of your device. Talk about invasion of privacy!
  • Bitdefender, the creator of award-winning, internationally certified Internet Security and Antivirus software revealed in a recent study on mobile security, that there were over 100 new malware families detected in 2011, as compared to the 3 to 4 malware versions in 2010.

Below is a list of apps we think you’ll find handy. Like any of them? Have any experience with them? Any stories to share? Sharing is appreciated and your recommendations might just make the next list. Please leave any comments below.

Lookout Mobile Security

Publisher: Lookout

Price: Free

This app provides free security protection, backs up your contacts and has a location feature for phones and tablets. The app also includes a premium version upgrade for $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year which gives you added features such as safe browsing, privacy advisor, a backup of pictures, your call history and remote locking and wiping.

Norton Mobile Security

Publisher: Norton
Price: $19.99
This Norton app gives you the power to protect yourself against threats to your mobile lifestyle. The app features:
  • SMS-Based remote locate, lock and wipe
  • Web-based lost notice and sneak peek
  • Text and call blocker
  • Anti-phishing web protection

Appscan Beta

Publisher: Sweetim Technologies
Price: FREE
AppScan is an anti-virus/mobile security tool that is able to:
  • Identify Spyware/Malware that currently exist in the market
  • Network/traffic statistic for both mobile/wifi interface and sort based on applications’ usage count.

App Protector Pro

Publisher: Carrot App
Price: FREE
This app allows you to lock any application on your phone: Message, Gmail, Photo, SMS. Any app you choose. You can choose to lock sensitive apps only and leave the rest unlocked.

AVG Antivirus

Publisher: AVG Mobilation
Price: FREE
AVG Anti-virus:
  • Scans the whole device, identifies and remove viruses with a click
  • Scan can be set to run automatically weekly, daily or on demand
  • Pre-scan apps for malware before you download them from app sites
Allows you to manage applications remotely
Image credit: ITPromate

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