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EU Official hacked at an Internet Security Conference

A European Union Official has come out in a statement which declared that her staff was hacked when they attended an internet Security conference last month in Azerbaijan. EC Vice President Neelie Kroes, released a statement about the ironic hack in her blog last week, where she went into further detail to explain the scope of what happened and how her and her employees computers were compromised at a meeting of the Internet Governance Forum in Baku.

Her spokesman released this statement on the matter:

“I’m presuming it was some kind of surveillance,” he said in a telephone interview. “What we’re going to do is to get the computers forensically analyzed to see what if anything was taken out of them.”

He declined to say who he thought might be responsible.

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Iran arrests infamous hacker

Iran’s information security police recently reprehended a man on suspicion of hacking into many foreign and domestic websites and web applications, according to Iranian news site Tabnak.

The suspect admitted that he had hacked into websites belonging to both the US and Israel, in order to ascertain the true level of security. His findings were that both the United States and Israel were lacking in the information security department, and that both were extremely weak and exposed.
The attack comes at a time of extreme tension between the three countries, who’s inflation is spiraling out of control, although it is unclear whether or not the attacker actually had any serious political motive. The Cyber Police Chief made a statement which said that the suspect admitted to hacking the websites of Iran’s State TV Network, IRIB, in solidarity for the Azerbajan earthquake.

This is the latest in a string of politically motivated cyber-attacks, the most recent being in September, where a gang of Hackers dubbed the ‘data coders security team’, succeeded in hacking 370 Israeli sites.

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Hacking attempts to reach 1 Billion in 2012!

Hacking attempts from around the World are about to reach the one billion mark in the final weeks of 2012, according to a recent report. The Origin of Hacks report, released a few weeks ago, found that there were 981 million hacks, or attempted hacks, in the Autumn of 2012 ( a significant increase on the last quarter).

It seems that these trends show no sign of stopping, with a new record being broken each quarter, with no sign of slowing down or regressing. The origins of these attacks are mainly within the domestic country which they take place, although Russia and China are the highest perpetrators of ‘outsourced foreign hacking’

Despite these dismal findings, it can, however be noted that the United Kingdom has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of hacking attempts and successful hacks, and this has been put down to a greater emphasis on the need and importance of security, coupled with a greater amount of money being spent to finance decent security measures.

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