How Collective Wisdom Enhances Application Security

Jan 14, 2013 By carolineb

One of the biggest challenges in today’s Application Security is how to map and overcome unexpected hacks as a result of lack of coverage in addition to well-defined hacks. How do we overcome this matter and improve the ability to fix our source code?

The Checkmarx R&D team has initiated an unconventional and creative way to solve this trouble. At the OWASP APAC 2013, we will present our research methodology and findings. In particular, we will show how to:

  • Identify security vulnerabilities through code irregularities using the Wisdom of the Crowds (large scale apps reference)
  • Adopt new technologies from the Big Data realm – used to locate required data and enable proper call for action – and apply them into source code analysis
  • Optimize vulnerability remediation of large result sets using smart graph methods that pinpoint vulnerability junctions and best-fix locations

These problems are all the more pressing considering today’s short development cycles through Agile methodologies, the ever-increasing requirement for continuous deployment and large applications containing vast amounts of source code.

Read more about OWASP APAC 2013, taking place in South Korea on February 19th

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