[WEBINAR] – 10 Steps to agile development without compromising security

Jan 23, 2013 By Administrator

Checkmarx is excited to announce our next webinar session – 10 Steps to agile development without compromising security. The webinar focuses on a topic that is gaining a lot of traction within the developer community – securing an agile development environment and in particular continuous integration and continuous deployment. Integrating security into these rapid-paced environments requires a mind-shift from the traditional SDLC measures we’ve all grown to use. Many organizations are now struggling to add security into these new processes but are not sure how, and what are the best practices. We can all benefit from the experience of those who have already adopted and secured these processes.

In the webinar, Yair Rovek, Security Specialist at LivePerson will discuss how LivePerson implemented security in its continuous integration environment in a completely automatic way. Based on his vast experience, Yair will share his 10 best practice steps for a successful implementation of a secure SDLC within the seemingly security constraints of an agile environment.

About LivePerson

LivePerson is a provider of SaaS technologies that help businesses create real-time meaningful connections with customers. Each month, over 1.5 billion visitors over the web are observed by the LivePerson’s platform. LivePerson’s R&D center includes hundreds of developers who have adopted Agile and Scrum-based methods.

To read more about the webinar and register, please click here

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