Summarizing a great Checkmarx Customer Event in Israel

Jun 17, 2013 By carolineb


We are glad to summarize a successful Checkmarx Customer event! The event took place on June 16th, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Beach hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The event was characterized by a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, with interesting knowledge exchange and new bonds and networks.

It was all about Application Security, while our guests discussed security challenges in their organizations and how they deal with them on an ongoing base.
We hosted Security Decision makers from Playtech, LivePerson, Conduit, Mediamind, TGS and our Checkmarx Founder and CTO, Maty Siman spoke about Application Security trends and roadmap.

We had participants from all sectors including banks, government, defense, medical and hi-tech.

Checkmarx was glad to host Jochanan Sommerfeld, Chief Information Officer at Playtech who spoke about securing agile development and Playtech security methodologies that were implemented in the past years.
We were also pleased to host Guy Bejerano, Chief Security Officer at LivePerson who spoke about the way LivePerson has gone from a very high number of security bugs in 2008 to nearly no security bugs in 2013.

The case studies presented the main challenges that arose within the organizations and what tools were chosen in order to find solutions. Playtech and Liveperson spoke about their requirements while making the choice to use Checkmarx’s Static Application Security Testing tool and its success story.

Noa Bar-Yosef, a respected journalist in the security field hosted the CISO panel, which included Yossi Amara- Conduit, Meny Duek- Mediamind, Guy Bejerano- LivePerson and Moni Givol- TGS.

During the panel, the CISOs discussed what current threats their teams are facing, the shift in the threat-scape in the past years, what they are focusing on and why, what their business motivation for security is and how they gain support for their strategy from the company management. The CISOs spoke about how the fact that they take security seriously differentiates them from their competitors and how it drives their business.

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We look forward to continuing this tradition next year. See you all then!

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