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The AppSec How-to: 10 Steps to Secure Agile Development

In Agile’s fast-paced environment and frequent releases, security reviews and testing sound like an impediment to success. How can you keep up with Agile demands of continuous integration and continuous deployment without abandoning security best practices?

Companies have found the following ten practices helpful to achieve a holistic secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process in an Agile SaaS world. The approaches taken by these companies follow a basic philosophy: keeping security as simple as possible and remove any unnecessary load from the development team.

The 10 Steps to Secure Agile Development:

  1. Be part of the process
  2. Enforce your policy by using a security package API in each product
  3. Integrate Source Code Analysis (SCA) within the native process of code management
  4. Break the build for any “high” or “medium” findings
  5. Use automation to collaborate with the security dynamic test
  6. Run a penetration test
  7. Engage technology leaders as security champions by showing them the value
  8. Train developers on a regular basis
  9. Provide a collaboration platform for security discussions.
  10. Start small but think big

For a detailed breakdown of each step, please refer to the whitepaper.



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