Security Innovation TeamMentor now Integrates with Checkmarx’s CxSuite

Oct 09, 2013 By carolineb

Provides faster and better remediation guidance within the developers’ environment

Wilmington, MA (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

Security Innovation, an authority in application security assessment and training, and Checkmarx, a leader in Application Security Testing, announce the seamless integration of TeamMentor with Checkmarx’s CxSuite Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tool.TeamMentor is the most comprehensive application security content management and guidance platform that offers remediation guidance, actionable security policy and secure software development knowledge. The latest release (v3.3.4) now adds new HMTL5 and Scala libraries as well as a library of vulnerability articles designed for integration with code scanners.The integration of Checkmarx’s CxSuite scan results with TeamMentor’s prescriptive security guidance helps users of CxSuite to more quickly identify and fix software vulnerabilities with clear and effective vulnerability remediation best practices that are mapped against static analysis findings.

“The Checkmarx SAST offers highly accurate results for our customers and is complemented by best fix location recommendations which significantly boosts productivity,” said Asaph Schulman, Director of Marketing at Checkmarx. “Coupling our best fix locations guidance with specific TeamMentor articles relevant to the particular findings can make a big difference in our users’ ability to effectively remediate their application security risks.”

The primary goal of this product integration is to provide Checkmarx users with quick and easy access to TeamMentor’s comprehensive security guidance that is accurate and relevant to specific code security questions. This reduces the number of security scan cycles that involve QA, Information Security or other teams, as well as the total number of vulnerabilities found by security scans and penetration tests. Integrating security scanning and guidance into a development workflow ultimately results in quicker production of more secure and stable applications.

“Our vulnerability-specific guidance is structured in an expanding knowledge pathway,” said Ed Adams, Security Innovation CEO.” “Unlike other solutions such as Google, books, etc., TeamMentor avoids overwhelming the user with information. Instead, it progressively educates by allowing the user to quickly grasp important concepts and fix their code faster and more effectively.”

TeamMentor provides guidance from Checkmarx’s browser-based client as well as Checkmarx’s plugins for Visual Studio and Eclipse, allowing the developer to access security guidance right from their development environments.

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