Checkmarx and IWI launch On demand service in Japan

Oct 15, 2013 By carolineb

Checkmarx, the leader in Application Security Testing solutions, is glad to announce the  launch of its Static Application Security Testing technology as Cloud service in Japan by its partner – Intelligent Wave Inc. (IWI).

“We are proud to announce the launch of this important capability which provides access to Checkmarx On Demand. The tool enables security professionals and software developers, an easy way of scanning their code for security vulnerabilities and fix them”, said Moshe Lerner, VP Corporate Development at Checkmarx.

The cloud based static analysis scanner eliminates the need for organizations to spend time and resources on allocating and configuring hardware to run the Application Security software and allows using the service as needed.

The online scanner offers packages suitable for different sizes of organizations from SMBs to large Enterprise. It is now simply a matter of signing up for one of packages on the secure server, uploading a zip file containing the source files of the application that should be tested, and viewing the findings online, or downloading a PDF report that details the vulnerabilities that were identified.

The launch of this Cloud service follows the successful introduction of CxSuite enterprise version to the Japanese market, being used now by leading enterprises and security consulting firms.

The fully Japanized  cloud based static analysis solution is now available at the following web address:  http://iwi-cxsuite.com/

To view the service datasheet, please click here

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