Checkmarx Raises $8M In Latest Funding Round

Nov 11, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut

Checkmarx started the week off with exciting news: After experiencing 2,200% growth over the past five years, Checkmarx closed a $8 million financing round on Monday.

From the Globes article:

“According to IVC, Checkmarx previously raised $6.5 million. It was founded in 2006 by CTO Maty Siman at Ofer Hi-Tech’s Naiot Venture Accelerator. Emmanuel Benzaquen is the CEO.

Checkmarx does not approach information security by targeting viruses or hacking attempts, but by preemptively dealing with security breaches. It has developed technology to analyze code written for apps, offering monitoring and recommendations for correcting security problems in code that are liable to create security gaps in computer systems.

Checkmarx’s business has been growing rapidly. It was recently ranked as Israel’s eighth fastest growing technology company’s by Deloitte’s Technology Fast50 Israel 2013, after achieving 2,200% growth over the preceding five years.

Checkmarx focuses on applications, putting it in the mainstream in contemporary enterprise computing. A reason for the rapid growth of solutions such as the ones offered by Checkmarx is the need for frequent software updates. Software development teams use methodologies that include all a product’s development stages – design, development, testing, and integration – at a fast pace. Checkmarx’s tools can quickly scan code as it is being written, warning of weak spots in security, enabling their efficient correction.

Checkmarx will use the proceeds from the funding round for hiring, in view of growing demand for solutions.”

Read the full article on Globes.

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