Operation #AppSecTip 2014 Is Here!


We’re excited to announce the launch of the Checkmarx AppSecTips survey!

From now until the end of the year, we invite all Application Security experts and enthusiasts to visit AppSecTips.com and add your professional advice and tips for handling application security. The winner of the top tip, announced on January 1st, will receive the year’s best tech gift: The AR Drone.

This is a great opportunity to display your expertise, see how others handle application security, and show your support for the AppSec community.

#AppSecTip Tips:

  1. Tips should be “tweet-sized”, no more than two sentences
  2. The tip MUST be related to the field of application security
  3. Make sure we can get in touch with you by email or phone
  4. Once you’ve voted, make sure you share with colleagues, friends and family to up-vote your tip
  5. The winner will be notified on New Year’s Day
  6. Post as many tips as you’d like, but only one can be a ‘winner’!

Happy Holidays & Happy Tipping!

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Sarah is in charge of social media and an editor and writer for the content team at Checkmarx. Her team sheds light on lesser-known AppSec issues and strives to launch content that will inspire, excite and teach security professionals about staying ahead of the hackers in an increasingly insecure world.

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