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The State of Mobile Application Security Press Roundup


Think Apple apps are safer than Android? Think again

Amanda Schupak, CBS News

Apple has a good reputation for security. But a new report finds that its good reputation could be working against it.

Software security testing company Checkmarx and mobile app experts at AppSec Labs looked at hundreds of apps for Android and iOS devices and found that each app had an average of nine vulnerabilities that could leave users open to data theft.

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Which is safer – iPhone or Android? 

Gabriel Avner, Geektime

A report that cybersecurity experts Checkmarx and AppSec Labs released today has found a set of critical flaws in how developers are writing code for mobile apps that could put a lot of people at risk.

Over the course of the past year, these two companies carried out an audit of hundreds of mobile apps, testing them for vulnerabilities. Among those reviewed were banking apps and others containing essential personal information.

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iOS apps more vulnerable than Android

Maria Korolov, CSO Online

Applications written for iOS devices have more vulnerabilities than those written for Androids, and this has the potential for security problems in the future as attackers move to application-based threat vectors.

According to a new report from mobile application security vendors Checkmarx and AppSec Labs, the average mobile app has nine vulnerabilities.

Of the iOS vulnerabilities, 40 percent were critical or high severity, compared to 36 percent of the Android vulnerabilities, said Amit Ashbel, product marketing manager at Checkmarx.

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InfoSecurity Magazine Logo2

Most Mobile Apps Subject to at Least Nine Vulnerabilities

Tara Seals, InfoSecurity Magazine

Mobile applications show an alarming rate of vulnerability, with the average app susceptible to an average of nine different vulnerabilities. Further, the research from Checkmarx and AppSec Labs shows that out of those nine different vulnerabilities, 38% of are critical or high severity.

Interestingly, and despite conventional wisdom, iOS is no more secure than Android when it comes to vulnerabilities built into the code or application logic: Here, the vulnerability rate of iOS and Android applications is almost identical. And, 40% of detected vulnerabilities in iOS applications were found to be critical or high-severity, compared to only 36% on Android.

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iOS apps aren’t any more secure than Android apps, study finds

Yoni Heisler, BGR

A new security report from Checkmarx claims that the walled garden that is Apple’sApp Store may not be the safe haven it’s hyped up to be. The report specifically claims that iOS apps have a greater percentage of critical or high severity security vulnerabilities when compared to Android apps.

For purposes of the report, a critical vulnerability is defined as one “that exposes a major security risk with a direct exploit (not needing user involvement). If exploited, the security threat might cause major damage to the application and/or have major impact on the company.”

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New Mobile Security Report Shows Most Apps Have Critical Vulnerabilities

Richard Harris, App Developer Magazine

Checkmarx and AppSec Labs have released a new mobile app security titled “The State of Mobile Application Security 2014-2015”. Among the findings of the report is that the typical app is exposed to an average of 9 different vulnerabilities. The report also indicates in situations where vulnerabilities are built into the code or application logic, the vulnerability of iOS and Android Applications are almost identical.
During 2014-15, AppSec Labs and Checkmarx tested hundreds of mobile applications of all types including banking, utilities, retail, gaming and security-oriented applications. Among the types of applications tested were banking applications of high-street retail banks which access the personal data of millions of private individuals.

silicon angle

Checkmarx finds iOS apps have more critical vulnerabilities than Android apps

Duncan Riley, Silicon Angle

Application security firm Checkmarx, Inc. have released a new mobile security report that throws a common misconception about mobile security on its head.

The State of Mobile Application Security 2014-2015 report, published in conjunction with Appsec Labs, tested hundreds of mobile applications of all types including banking, utilities, retail, gaming and even security oriented applications for vulnerabilities and related security issues.

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iOS Apps Plagued by More High-Critical Vulnerabilities When Compared to Android

Catalin Cimpanu, Softpedia

The myth of iOS being more secure than Android is being slowly eroded with each new security report released. The latest to take a swipe at Apple iOS’ reputation is one from mobile security vendors Checkmarx and AppSec Labs.

After analyzing hundreds of Android and iOS applications, the two companies’ security researchers can claim that they’ve found more security vulnerabilities that rank as High and Critical in iOS products. The percentage of vulnerabilities that researchers can label as High and Critical is 40% for iOS apps, but only 36% for Android applications.

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Tech News Today

A recent research report released by Checkmarx stated iOS is not safer than Android

Natalle James, Tech News Today

With the increasing threat of malware, the smartphone industry is looking forward to security as a major necessity. In this regard, a recently released security report by Checkmarx popped up Apple’s bubble for claiming itself to be a safe haven. It precisely stated iOS applications have a high chance of security vulnerability as compared with Android apps, and has taken the industry by the storm, considering Apple’s claim to provide a promising and a high-level security system.

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iOS apps have more vulnerabilities than Android

Michael H., Phone Arena

Because of how the platform is designed, whenever we hear about malware or security threats in the mobile world, it tends to be pointed at Android, despite there being little evidence of anyone being at real risk outside of users in Russia or China who use a third-party app store. Now, a new report is claiming that the majority of app vulnerabilities exist in iOS apps, and they tend to be more severe as well.

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CIO America Latina

Aplicaciones de iOS son más vulnerables que las Android

Elibeth Eduardo G., CIO Latin America

Las aplicaciones escritas para dispositivos iOS tienen más vulnerabilidades que las diseñadas para los androides.
Aunque usted no lo crea. Puede que la percepción sea distinta pero es así y eso tiene el potencial de generar problemas de seguridad en el futuro a medida que los atacantes se trasladan a vectores de amenazas basadas en aplicaciones.

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Studie: Android-Apps sicherer als iOS-Apps

Kaan Gürayer, Giga Android

Nicht erst seit dem berüchtigten Stagefright-Exploit hängt Android der unschmeichelhafte Ruf an, weniger sicher als Apples iOS zu sein. Doch wie viel Wahrheit steckt in diesem Klischee? Die Sicherheitsfirmen Checkmarx und AppSec Labs wollten es genau wissen, haben dazu die Apps auf beiden Plattformen genauer unter die Lupe genommen und sind zu einem überraschenden Ergebnis gekommen: Android-Apps sollen im Schnitt sicherer sein als iOS-Apps.

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Aplicativos iOS são mais vulneráveis, dizem pesquisas
Maria Korolov, CSO Online republished at PC World 

Pesquisas recentes das empresas de segurança móvel Checkmarx e AppSec Labs revelam que aplicativos desenvolvidos para dispositivos iOS têm mais vulnerabilidades do que aqueles feitos para Android,o que pode gerar problemas de segurança no futuro.

Os relatórios revelam também que os aplicativos móveis costumam ter, em média, nove vulnerabilidades.

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Эксперты уверены, что iOS не безопаснее Android

Илья Рябов, Droider.RU

Вокруг Android и iOS регулярно разгораются скандалы, связанные с безопасностью. Достаточно вспомнить критическую уязвимость Heartbleed в некоторых версиях OpenSSL и взлом iCloud с «утечкой» фотографий знаменитостей.

Специалисты в сфере кибер-защищиты из израильской компании Checkmark выяснили, что обе мобильные ОС одинаково небезопасны.

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iOS 앱, 안드로이드 앱보다 보안 취약해

Maria Korolov, CSO Online republished at IT World

iOS 앱이 안드로이드 앱보다 보안 측면에서 더 취약하며, 공격자가 애플리케이션 기반의 공격 벤터로 이동할 경우 더 큰 보안 문제를 일으킬 수 있는 것으로 밝혀졌다.

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