Israeli IT Prodigies Visit Checkmarx HQ

Jan 27, 2016 By Sharon Solomon

Checkmarx is continuing its tradition of hosting the brightest programming and computing minds from Israel’s leading academic institutions. This year it was a group of young kids who are currently honing their skills at the Tel Aviv University (TAU). They are a part of a special program that will enable them to complete their college degree by the age of 18. Here are a few highlights from their visit at the Checkmarx headquarters in Tel Aviv.


The “Future Scientists and Inventors Program” was launched 7 years ago at TAU with the assistance of former Israeli President Shimon Peres, who helped raise the funds needed. The program brings together 75 of the country’s best prodigies, with the purpose of preparing them to serve in the top Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) units. Army service is mandatory in Israel after high school graduation.


These blooming talents, who are guided by program leader Shani Shuber, are already using their extraordinary programming skills to develop innovative applications and games. One of the kids, Ubai Ammuneh, has come up with a cross-platform game called Stick Man, which is now in beta and can possibly become the next app you’ll be installing on your smartphone.


The first stage of the Checkmarx visit involved a tour of the offices. The curious youngsters got a chance to look the Checkmarx R&D scientists in action and they also saw what challenges AppSec marketeers face on a daily basis. The initial mingling was followed by two intensive lectures about application security and the importance of secure coding awareness amongst developers.


Maty SimanCheckmarx CTO Maty Siman talking AppSec with the next generation. 


Amit Ashbel, the company’s evangelist, kicked off the educational proceedings with a lecture about cyber security and also talked about the latest hacking techniques implemented by hackers today. Checkmarx CTO Maty Siman followed this talk with an interactive session to display the company’s challenges and emphasised the importance of secure coding in the modern organization.


With more and more startups sprouting up in the Silicon Wadi, Checkmarx sees it as its mission to raise AppSec awareness amongst programmers, especially the young ones who will develop complex next-gen applications. Only a deeper understanding of application-layer vulnerabilities will eventually help create robust applications with better code integrity. Spread the knowledge!


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Sharon Solomon

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