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Top Women in Cybersecurity You Should be Following on Twitter

Updated: March 8th, 2018 –


Since the beginning of information security, the representation of women in cybersecurity has been (and still is) small. So small that women make up only 11% of the information security workforce. But with such a tiny representation in the industry comes a big opportunity.


For the cybersecurity world, Twitter is a continuous stream of content with various influencers tweeting the latest insights on a daily basis. And some of the most influential and trailblazing women in the industry have been using the platform to keep you in the know.



Here are the top women in cybersecurity you should be following, and if you have anyone who is missing from this list – tweet us or let us know in a comment!







Tanya Janca @shehackspurple

Tanya is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, AppSec evangelist, OWASP Ottawa Chapter Leader, pentester, speaker, and ethical hacker. She has also been developing software since the 90’s. Tanya tweets about her work with OWASP, AppSec, women in tech, and much more.



Kim Crawley @kim_crawley

Kim writes about cyber security for some of the web’s top security blogs, including Tripwire and Peerlist. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and keep up to date with her work and personal tweets about infosec and various security trends, with a touch of goth colors. Bonus: You can catch her series “Women in Information Security” here





Amanda Berlin @InfoSystir

Amanda is an Information Security Architect who has spent over a decade in the tech industry. She was also involved in implementing secure PCI processes and HIPAA compliance among many other major security achievements. I recommend checking out her blog to to keep up with her work and following her on Twitter where she tweets on infosec and life – be ready to laugh.




Tracy Z. Maleeff @InfoSecSherpa

A law firm librarian turned infosec professional who today works as a Cyber Analyst for a global company. She also provides a trove of infosec information via her newsletter and Twitter feed.





Lillian Ablon @LilyAblon

Lillian works for the RAND Corporation as an information scientist. She conducts research on cybersecurity, upcoming tech, digital privacy and security, and more, and shares her findings and knowledge on Twitter,





Eva Galperin @evacide

Eva is the Director of Cybersecurity at EFF has vast experience in the world of security and IT. She focuses on providing privacy and security for vulnerable populations around the world” and organizes EFF’s Tor Relay Challenge. Her tweets cover cybersecurity news, updates, and her work.





Heather Adkins @argvee

A Google veteran and one of the founding members of Google’s security team, Heather is currently the Director Information Security & Privacy at Google where she maintains the security of Google’s networks, systems, and apps. Join her conversation about security by following her on Twitter.





Chenxi Wang @chenxiwang

Chenxi is the CSO of Twistlock and is the security and privacy chair of the Grace Hopper conference. Her work has been featured in a variety of top media outlets, ranging from Dark Reading to the New York Times and you may have already seen her as a keynote speaker at some of the top industry events. She tweets about industry news and event updates.




Laura Bell @lady_nerd

As a former developer and current AppSec trainer who specializes in “bringing security survival skills, practices, and culture into organizations”, Laura is definitely one to follow for a great mix of the techie lifestyle and application security. She runs a company called SafeStack with the goal of helping organizations reach a smoother transition to continuous security by bringing application security processes into agile development processes.

This is Laura’s second time on one of our lists. She also earned a place on our list of DevOps and Security Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter!





Window Snyder @window

Window is currently CSO at Fastly and formerly an influential security and privacy evangelist at Apple. She is also known for co-authoring Threat Modeling, A Practical Guide to Application Security. According to her bio, Window tweets about “Security Blah Blah Blah” and we think her account is well worth a follow.





Jennifer Minella @jjx

As the current VP of Engineering and CISO at Carolina Advanced Digital, Jennifer leads security research for governmental agencies, educational institutions, and some of the world’s biggest organizations. You can catch Jennifer speaking at some of the biggest conferences, ranging from RSA to InfoSec World, while following her for the latest in cybersecurity on Twitter and on her website, Security Uncorked.



Jen Ellis @Infosecjen

Jen is the VP of Community and Public Affairs at Rapid7. She works on building strong and lasting relationships between the cybersecurity community and those working around it, emphasizing on educating the government on security issues and aiming to make a positive impact on the cybersecurity community. She has spoken at a number of industry events, and has even testified to Congress on the topic. Jen tweets about the latest in hacks and information security news.




Allison Miller @selenakyle

A known expert in implementing real-time risk prevention, Allison is a product manager at Google who works on mitigating risks to the platform and users. Allison is an accomplished speaker and avid tweeter on the topic of security, fraud, and risk.




Rinki Sethi @rinkisethi

A past recipient of the “One to Watch” award with CSO Magazine and Executive Women’s Forum (in 2014), Rinki is an acclaimed thought leader in the cybersecurity world who was part of the development team for the well known ISACA book titled “Creating a Culture of Security”. Rinki is a mentor for many students and professionals, and speaks at security events on topics related to women in tech.




Masha Sedova @modMasha

Masha is currently the President and CSO at Elevate Security where she works to deliver interactive security training based on behavioral science. Before co-founding Elevate Security, Masha was the Senior Director of Trust Engagement at Salesforce where she and her team worked to drive a secure mindset among employees using user security behavior testing along with gamification and positive psychology. She also worked to raise awareness for detecting and reporting phishing emails to secure engineering practices, and managed to alter the way Salesforce employees, partners, and customers approach security.




Runa A. Sandvik @runasand

Runa is a security researcher, currently working as the Director of Information Security at The New York Times. She helps media organizations improve their security posture by teaching digital security to journalists and members of various media organizations. Runa often tweets about privacy, security, and encryption.



Wendy Nather @wendynather

Wendy is the Principal Security Strategist at Duo Security, and previously was at the Retail ISAC as their Research Director as well at 451 Research as their Research Director. Wendy is listed as one of SC Magazine’s Women in IT Security “Power Players”(2014). If you’re interested in topics ranging from risk analysis, data security, threat intelligence, and much more, we highly recommend following her account.

Wendy also appears on our “21 AppSec & Security Gurus You Should Be Following On Twitter” list. If you didn’t follow her then, make sure you follow her now!




Sandra Toms @sandra001

Sandra is a “security/big data geek”, as well as the VP and Director of RSA Conference. Her vision for RSA Conference was to establish it as a leading global cyber security forum where tech and business unite against a common threat – cybercrime. Since its’ establishment, Sanda led RSA to grow into one of the world’s top cybersecurity events, attracting more than 30K attendees each year. You can follow Sandra on Twitter to receive both the latest RSA-related and security news.




Katie Moussouris @k8em0

Katie is the Founder and CTO of Luta Security, and is known for being a pioneer in the bug bounty world, as she helped the US Department of Defense start the government’s first bug bounty program. Katie’s Twitter is a great collection of infosec tweets, hacker news, and the latest in bugs.




Kelly Lum @aloria

Currently a Security Engineer at Tumblr and InfoSec professor at NYU, Kelly brings wit and laughter to the security community on Twitter. You may also know her as the voice behind @sec_reactions, another must-follow Twitter account.

Kelly also appears on 21 AppSec & Security Gurus You Should Be Following On Twitter




Jennifer Leggio @mediaphyter

Jennifer is an expert in the deep and dark we, a current writer for ZDNet, and CMO of Flashpoint. She also is the co-manager of the Security Bloggers Network and organizes the annual Security Blogger Meetup at RSA Conference. Follow Jennifer on Twitter to keep track of her work and personal tweets about security topics.




Georgia Weidman @georgiaweidman

Georgina is the author of Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking and is the Founder and CEO of Shevirah (a mobility security solution) AND of Bulb Security (a penetration testing company). Georgina’s Twitter account naturally reflects both of her companies, in addition to tweeting about growing trends in the technical information and security fields.




Kymberlee Price @Kym_Possible

Kymberlee started the first ever security-researcher outreach program in the software industry. Today, she holds the position of Senior Director of Operations at Bugcrowd, and brings her 11 years of experience in the infosec world, along with a lot of fun to her Twitter account.




Parisa Tabriz @laparisa

With over 10 years of security experience at Google and as the current manager for Google Chrome’s security team, Parisa’s work is considered the key in keeping the biggest tech giant in the world secure.  It’s her job to hack the most used web browser to find flaws before the cyber-criminals do and you can read more about her story here.




Helen Patton @OSUCISOHelen

Helen is CISO for The Ohio State University who works to promote infosec jobs and mentors people pursuing a career in security. Helen is a certified Information Systems Auditor, and is a member of the CISO Executive Roundtable, Information Systems Security Association and Women for Economic and Leadership Development. Helen brings over 17 years of experience in the security field to her work – and to her Twitter account.





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