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May 2017: Top Hacks and Breaches [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s only May, and 2017 is well on its way to set a new cyberattack record. As new statistics show, there have been over 1,200 reported data breaches and around 4,800 discovered vulnerabilities released in the first quarter of this year. So, while this post may focus on the month of May – and some of the hacks and breaches that came with it, including one of the largest cyberattacks of all time – we should brace ourselves for a wild ride as the year continues.



The month began with the US media giant Gannett Co targeted and hit by a data breach. The breach affected 18,000 current and former employees’ data, and it occurred in the first place due to a successful phishing attack.


About a week later, thousands of patient medical records were compromised in a breach that hit the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center. The breach spanned over three years, and was discovered and brought to light on the 10th of May. The records disclosed patient’s’ medical diagnoses, mental health records, HIV statuses, and more.


May 12th is seen to be when one of the largest cyberattacks of our time was set into action, as a powerful and sophisticated ransomware – known as WanaCryptor or WannaCry – took down the NHS, FedEx, Germany’s national railway, and Telefónica as part of a total of  230,000 computers in 99 countries. Even today, the impact of this attack is still being felt.




DocuSign, an electronic service widely used by big banks and major organizations for the signing of financial transactions, released information that hackers had temporarily accessed the company’s database containing emails. Following the breach, the company noticed a flooding of phishing emails sent to its users. DocuSign has since introduced stronger security rules to prevent further breaches and attacks.


Continue scrolling to view our infographic featuring some hacks and breaches highlights from the month of May. And may the force be with us all as the year in cybersecurity proceeds.


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May 2017 Hacks and Breaches

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