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June 2017: Top Hacks and Breaches [INFOGRAPHIC]

As we dive into June’s biggest hacks and breaches, we begin with OneLogin – a company which allows users to access multiple websites, applications, and services with just a single password. An attacker got hold of highly-sensitive keys for OneLogin’s cloud instance, and successfully in using its front-door key. In a statement released by the company, it was said that the attacked may have “obtained the ability to decrypt some information”.



OneLogin’s CSO said that potentially thousands of customers may have been breaches, and the company advises users to change their passwords and generate new API keys along with a longer list of security measures.


Moving on through June, news was released that Buckle, a clothing retailer with many stores across the US, was hit by malicious software that may have been used to steal credit card details over the span of six months. In Buckle’s breach alert, the retailer has launched an investigation after it caught on to a potential breach in payment card data in some of its locations.


The voter data and other personal information of about 200M Americans has been stolen and leaked online. The breached happened as the US based data analytics firm used by the Republican National Committee left the records available on an unsecured Amazon web server, meaning that anyone who happened to have come across this server would be able to download and take the information.


Closer to the end of the month, a cyber attack hit the email system of the UK Parliament. At least 90 email accounts with weak passwords belonging to members of parliament, lawmakers, and other staff were breached. As a precaution, the security services temporarily disabled the remote access to its network in order to protect email accounts.


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June Infographic



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