Hellman & Friedman to Acquire Checkmarx at a $1.15B Valuation

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of Codebashing!

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of Codebashing, a leading application security education platform that specializes in delivering interactive secure coding education for developers, aiming to empower developers with bite-sized interactive lessons to understand the principles of application security.


For organizations across the globe, reaching and maintaining application security is a major challenge. The increasing number of exploits, vulnerabilities, and the bleak repercussions the affected organizations face is a constant reminder of how important strong application security is. Yet, in so many cases, the biggest security risk organizations have is the lack of secure coding knowledge.



The SANS 2016 State of Application Security survey reports that the lack of application security skills, tools, and methods is among the top challenges organizations face when implementing application security. Traditional secure coding education does not scale to deliver the necessary and continuous secure coding knowledge. Training courses are long and tend to disrupt the developer’s routine, and these courses tend to not address the distinguished challenges developers may face.


To empower developers to deliver secure applications and by establishing the concept of shifting security left, this acquisition allows Checkmarx to provide bite-sized secure coding training. These training sessions are made to address application security challenges as they pop up, without the developer having to leave his/her normal work environment. With effective training as such in place, organizations aiming to increase and strengthen their in-house security skills will find themselves facing fewer vulnerabilities found within the code.


Built by developers for developers, Codebashing has an extensive interactive training platform with the goal of teaching secure coding. By integrating Codebashing with Checkmarx’s application security solutions, developers can turn to in-context training sessions based on the imminent problem. This lets developers save the time that would have been wasted on traditional secure coding courses, and this enables organizations to give their software development and engineering teams easy and simple training to refresh and validate their secure coding knowledge.


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