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2016 US Election Hacks in Arizona and Illinois Brief [INFOGRAPHIC]

In late August 2016, news broke that the FBI was investigating two hacks against the Board of Elections in Illinois and Arizona. With the fervor of the 2016 US elections reaching a tipping point as November nears, the possibility of a hack has raised serious concerns by both voters and voting officials especially as the electoral system becomes increasingly reliant on technology. While the numbers affected by these hacks are significantly smaller than other major hacks and breaches in 2016, the fact that there could be foreign meddling in either the elections process or voter data is a serious cause for alarm. Read our infographic to find out more about these 2016 US election hacks, the victims and the perpetrators.

2016 US Election Hacks in Arizona and Illinois Explained

With the highly anticipated debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fast approaching, this election cycle is plagued yet again by cyber threats apparently coming from abroad. Federal cyber security has been a major priority for the Obama administration for 2017 which is good news for Americans, but how will these hacks affect the elections in 2016? How concerned should voters be about this recent hack? How did the hackers beach the Board of Elections systems in two separate states? Read on to find out…

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2016 us election hack in arizona and illinois infographic


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Summer 2016 has been hot for hackers, read about the biggest hacks and breaches in July 2016 here.

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