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We’re so excited… and we just can’t hide it! Checkmarx is a finalist at the GSC Awards

Aug 26, 2013 By carolineb |  
We are happy to share the news- Checkmarx is a finalist in the Global Security Challenge!
GSC 2013 seeks to discover the most promising young companies, university spin-offs and concept projects from around the world, capable of providing the next generation of cyber protection and leading the charge against some of the biggest threats of today and tomorrow. We’ll be leaving to London on September 12th to compete so… Wish us luck!  

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Joomla’s Security State- WordPress is not alone

Aug 20, 2013 By carolineb | Two months ago Checkmarx has published a research revealing the security state of WordPress’s 50 top plugins. Another CMS joins the list and this time it’s Joomla- as simple vulnerability was exploited to infect thousands of websites with malware.
The sites were hacked to serve up the prevalent Blackhole exploit kit, which in turn infected users’ systems with banking Trojans.

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Coffee Security

Aug 15, 2013 By carolineb | Source: PHD Comics

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Home is where the heart is. and the hacker too.

Aug 07, 2013 By carolineb | Thomas Hatley, an ordinary citizen from Oregon was surprised to receive a weird phone call by a complete stranger who hacked his smart home while speaking.
The stranger- David Bryan, Security Researcher at Trustwave, managed to hack into Thomas’s “smart” house through an automation system that allows a remote control of electrical devices, originally meant to enable owners to activate their home via smartphone or web.

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[video] Carjackers in action

Aug 05, 2013 By carolineb | Who would have imagined that vehicles are starting to require the same protection as laptop computers?
Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, sponsored by the Pentagon’s research facility demonstrate in a short video how easily a car can be hacked in real time and how they gain full control over the vehicle’s computer.   View full article here

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Cybercrimes % > eCommerce %

Jul 29, 2013 By carolineb | eCommerce grew by 16% while Cybercrime grew by 23%.
This finding, by Martec shows the growth of cyber attacks in comparison to eCommerce in 2012.  Despite this growth, says the report, which questioned 100 leading UK retailers, retailers aren’t taking fraud as seriously as they should, and as a result smaller retailers have paid seven times more than they should in chargeback fees.

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The World’s Biggest Data Breaches in One Stunning Visualization

Jul 24, 2013 By carolineb |  
Major data breaches, leaks and hacks often consume the news, but the sheer numbers involved — 6 million records or 300,000 leaked passwords — may be hard to conceptualize, especially in comparison to other attacks.

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Webinar recording! Using Code Flow Visualization for Optimal Vulnerability Remediation

Jul 23, 2013 By carolineb | Developers are often overwhelmed by the number of vulnerability findings returned by source code analysis tools. But a proper visualization of the code flow can pinpoint optimal code fixes. How?
This webinar shows how visual flow graphs can be automatically generated, even without the knowledge of the code’s logic. Using OWASP’s Web Goat as a test-bed, we demonstrate how visualization can help developers and security auditors to:

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Please join us in announcing a new partner- Cert2Connect!

Jul 18, 2013 By carolineb | Checkmarx is thrilled to introduce Cert2Connect as our new partner! 
 Cert2Connect is a company located in the Netherlands that provides solutions and professional services in the field of information security and risk management, Cyber Security, Cloud and Mobile Computing platforms. Cert2Connect plays a crucial role in advising organizations for Cloud and Cyber security cost-effectively.

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