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Valentine’s Day Hilarious Pickup Lines for Geeks

Feb 14, 2013 By carolineb | We couldn’t ignore these hilarious, geeky pickup lines we saw on
Happy Valentine’s day, Enjoy!

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Security Corporations are going Bug- hunting

Feb 12, 2013 By carolineb | Security Corporations are going Bug- hunting
An article published by John Leyden on MITRE Corp, the organization which sets the industry standards for classifying security vulnerabilities goes one step further in security. The corporation is now considering the multiplication of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) in order to enhance the quality of bug reports in terms of security. Currently supporting up to 9,999 vulnerabilities, MITRE will be multiplying this digit by one hundred, extending this range up to 999,999!

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Why ignoring information security is lethal

Jan 17, 2013 By carolineb | Making things Simple. to. understand.                                                                                                                                                                                                               View the source

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How Collective Wisdom Enhances Application Security

Jan 14, 2013 By carolineb | One of the biggest challenges in today’s Application Security is how to map and overcome unexpected hacks as a result of lack of coverage in addition to well-defined hacks. How do we overcome this matter and improve the ability to fix our source code? The Checkmarx R&D team has initiated an unconventional and creative way to solve this trouble. At the OWASP APAC 2013, we will present our research methodology and findings. In particular, we will show how to:

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Salesforce Enhanced Security with Checkmarx Solution

Dec 27, 2012 By carolineb |   We simply love making things simple!
So here are some video screencasts introducing our Checkmarx new Salesforce online code scanner. Presenting our solution is Abhinav Gupta, Salesforce and Cloud Solution Architect- go to article and videos.  

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Three compelling reasons to check your mobile app source code- by Kevin Beaver, CISSP

Dec 25, 2012 By carolineb | Three compelling reasons to check your mobile app source code I’m going to put it to you straight: source code analysis is amazingly simple. Unlike penetration testing and complementary security checks, source code analysis has evolved into a literal point-and-click exercise. The hardest part is getting the source code analyzer software installed. Even that’s a non-issue with cloud-based source code analysis services.

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Checkmarx is now an Eclipse Member!

Dec 24, 2012 By carolineb | We are glad to announce that Checkmarx is now an Eclipse member!
We support the Eclipse community and offer adapted tools for the Eclipse developers. The Eclipse community was founded in order to enable commercially- friendly open source software for organizations and individuals, focusing on providing an open development technology, comprised of advanced frameworks and tools.

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[Japan 2012] Summary of CxSuite Seminar for Managers

Dec 19, 2012 By carolineb | Following the CxSuite Seminar for Managers which took place last month in Japan, here’s a summary (in Japanese) of  “Exterminating the root cause of vulnerabilities”, by Maty Siman, Founder and CTO at Checkmarx. Go to summary  

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