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Secure Coding Job Interview Questions

7 Secure Cyber Security Interview Questions (and Answers)

Oct 19, 2016 By Kevin Beaver | The dreaded job interview. From small talk to tough questions – it’s the true testing time for the interviewee. But if you’re the interviewer, control – and advantage – is on your side. When interviewing candidates for job positions that involve secure coding, i.e. development, QA, or related information security roles, what should you ask? Do you stick it to them with super-technical questions and allow them to show off their technical prowess or do you throw them some seemingly softball-type questions that, in the end, better showcase how they think, their personalities, and business skills? Read these 7 secure coding job interview questions below to find out. 

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software security in 2016

Why in 2016 Software Security is as Big of a Deal as Ever

Sep 06, 2016 By Kevin Beaver | Year after year, new studies come out from popular vendors and research institutions underscoring that we have quite a ways to go with this thing we call security. Outside of the malware threat that grows a bit more complicated each year, the studies show that we continue to miss the bar in terms of protecting critical systems and sensitive information assets. In a nutshell, we’re missing the basics. That is, the flaws that we already know about and we have solutions for but haven’t yet found the time or political backing to resolve. Read why in 2016 software security, even basic application security, is still as important as ever.

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Mobile App Security

Common Oversights in Mobile App Security

Aug 02, 2016 By Kevin Beaver | Mobile apps arguably have the greatest number of security flaws of any enterprise system – and no one seems to know much about them. Mobile app security flaws are numerous across all types of business apps. But why?   Perhaps it’s the mentality that “it’s just an app” or the reality that many business owners, especially those in smaller businesses who might not have advanced security, fall for the marketing hype of “we’ve got to have a mobile app,” without including security in the discussion. Mobile apps are as complex as ever, yet the security flaws are very predictable – and the bad guys know it.

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Great Ways to Get Management on Your Side with Application Security

May 23, 2016 By Kevin Beaver | When it comes to application security, I’ve yet to meet an IT or security professional who hasn’t struggled with getting – and keeping – management on board. The challenges of executive support for security initiatives know no boundaries. Getting management on your side with application security can be a constant battle, what can you do about it?

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