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Banking and
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Banking and Financial Services

The financial sector is under constant attack by cyber criminals. In fact, banks are attacked four times more than other industries. Large bank hacks and exploits continually make headlines over the years and that trend shows no signs of stopping.

While some of the attack vectors used to target financial institutions, such as malicious insiders and card skimming cannot be prevented with even the most advanced security software and while web application firewalls (WAFs), or anti-malware software, can’t cover all the sophisticated attacks, there is hope for financial institutions seeking to bolster their security posture. In addition to employing two-factor authentication and ensuring that a strong patching process is in place for third-party plugins and CMS platforms, it’s essential to ensure that the code at the heart of every banking web application is secure.

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Through the implementation of a strong application security solution in their SDLC, banking and financial organizations are able to automate their security scanning and ensure that their code is secure at every developer touchpoint within the SDLC. Choosing Checkmarx’s CxSAST as your source code analysis solution, not only ensures that your application makes it to production free of security, legal and compliance issues, it also is an investment in the long-term quality and security of your code as it helps enhance and empower developers’ secure coding awareness.


The State of [IN]Security for Financial Services

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