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Beginners Guide to Application Security

Beginners Guide to Application Security

New to Application Security?
Need to know more about what options you have to safeguard your application? Overwhelmed with the information on the net and not sure which solution is best for your needs? Look no further. The AppSec Beginner’s Guide is here to provide you with all the information and resources you need to become a bonafide AppSec guru.

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Application Security (AppSec)
Chapter 2 – The AppSec Knowledgebase
Chapter 3 – The Basics
Chapter 4 – SAST vs The Rest of the Field
Chapter 5 – The Secure SDLC (sSDLC)
Chapter 6 – AppSec Standards and Benchmarks
Chapter 7 – Top AppSec Gurus to Follow on Twitter
Chapter 8 – Top AppSec Blogs to Learn From
Chapter 9 – Top AppSec Websites To Practice Hacking (Legally)
Chapter 10 – The Game of Hacks

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