Checkmarx Launches Infrastructure as Code Scanning Solution to Secure Cloud-Native Applications: KICS

Cybercrime is on the rise !

Experts report that in 2012, 1.5 million users were affected by cybercrime daily…this is 18 people affected each second!

The end user may take precautions to protect themselves and decrease the threat of cybercrime, but this is a small scale 1:1 scenario and only solves part of the problem. The fact remains clear and simple, the best way to fight cybercrime on a large scale is through precautionary measures from the developer.  Quality coding practices and certification benchmarking saves thousands of users from cyber security risks; it has a massive impact on the war against cybercrime.

“Quality coding practices and certification benchmarking”…interesting choice of words…but what is this and how does it work?

Quality coding practice refers to the manner in which the application is developed.  Basic steps such as code review, proper compiling of code and efficient QA should already be a part of your standard development process.

Furthermore, additional steps such as automated source code security code review (SAST solution) and code quality certification have now become easily accessible and very cost effective.  These tools should be standard in every developer’s toolkit.

A reliable SAST solution automatically identifies high risk vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting (XXS), File Inclusions, Parameter Tampering, and Code Spoofing.  With this detailed information in hand, updating code is a snap!

Eclipse developers for example have a strong reputation for code quality.  Eclipse recently joined forces with Checkmarx (source code security analysis solution) to provide developers with an automated code security scanner built into the Eclipse platform.

Checkmarx supports all leading developer languages, is fast and easy to use and delivers accurate results.

The process could not be easier:  Right Click, Scan and Get Results…in Real Time!

To celebrate the launch of this new partnership, Checkmarx has granted all Eclipse users a complimentary 2 month account (Eclipse integration included).

Register for the FREE account

To learn more about the partnership and benefits of the account, please see:  Eclipse/ Checkmarx partnership

Supported coding languages:

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