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Cyber Crime Statistics Infographic

How much are cyber attacks costing organizations across the world? Which breaches are the most costly to fix and how prepared are these organizations? Find out in our cyber crime statistics infographic below.

Today, organizations are facing threats far greater than disorganized hackers and cyber thieves and, as more and more sensitive information is stored online, companies face a greater threat from organized malicious parties.


Cyber crime is projected to cost businesses over $2 trillion dollars annually by 2019, a four-fold increase from 2015. To properly understand the scope of the threats and costs facing worldwide organizations, it’s important to understand the where and how these financial losses are incurred.


It’s important to note that if web, and mobile, apps are developed securely with better code integrity, the projected cost of data breaches for organizations can be brought down significantly.


This infographic references the recent Checkmarx-sponsored 2016 SANS State of Application Security survey which is free to download here.


Cyber Crime Statistics Infographic


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cyber crime infographic



Read more about cyber crime in our “Beginners Guide to Application Security” found here.

*Statistics taken from Ponemon and


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