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February 2017: Top Hacks and Breaches [INFOGRAPHIC]

February may be the shortest month, but there definitely was no shortage in hacks and breaches. The month started with a an anonymous hacker single-handedly taking down an entire dark web hosting service with more than 10K Tor-based .onion sites. Then, on February 10th, a security flaw found in WordPress allowed hackers to attack and deface an estimated 1.5M pages.  
Later on in February, hackers (masked as “Pro_Mast3r”) defaced one of the Trump Administration’s official fundraising websites in a subdomain takeover. On February 28th, data from connected CloudPets teddy bears was leaked after the database was found unsecured. Over 800K users were found in the database, which also contained recorded kids’ voice messages.

The month concluded with Singapore’s Ministry of Defense (Mindef) announcing that the personal information of national servicemen and ministry employees have been hacked in a “targeted and carefully planned attack”.
To view February’s top 7 hacks and breaches, scroll down to view our infographic.
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