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Israeli Banks Hacked. Millions Of Customers In Danger

Three Israeli banks recently received an anonymous message, claiming that more than 3 million of their customer’s account details have been stolen. But gone are the days of unmarked bills. The hacker is expecting a huge Bitcoin payoff by next week. The clock is now ticking.

The involved banks are Israel Discount Bank, First International Bank of Israel and Bank Yahav for Government Employees Ltd. Needless to say, the news has created lots of unrest in the land of milk and honey.

With such leading financial concerns involved and millions of customer’s information on the line, the Bank of Israel and police authorities have been contacted. But the lack of leads has created huge problems for all involved sides.


The hacker or criminal group claim to have implemented a botnet network in Israel to extract the aforementioned information. This is when computers are compromised and turned into bots (robots). Strings of such bots eventually become a network, performing automated tasks without the victim’s knowledge.

It’s not difficult to exploit computers today. All that a hacker needs is appropriate malware and an internet connection. Once inside an end-user’s computer, the infiltrator can harvest passwords and user information at will. More serious cases can involve Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks.

Israeli citizens and businesses who have accounts in the aforementioned banks must simply take matters into their own hands. It’s highly recommended to print financial statements and also change the passwords to all banking applications. This will ensure a certain peace of mind, regards less of the perpetrator’s actions.

The world awaits the actions of the anonymous hacker who instilled fear in more than half of Israel. Only time will tell how this story plays out.

Source – Israeli Banks Hacked

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