Checkmarx Launches Infrastructure as Code Scanning Solution to Secure Cloud-Native Applications: KICS

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2020 Checkmarx Partner Awards – APJ, EMEA & LATAM

Every year at Checkmarx, we recognize and award our business partners who have gone above and beyond to help their customers overcome their software security and business challenges. awards reflect our deep appreciation of the vital role our partners play in Checkmarx’s success, and more importantly, the enormous value they create for our customers. 2020

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2021 Software Security Predictions: Our Experts Weigh In

To say that 2020 was an unusual year would be an understatement. Business, government, healthcare, and education drastically changed with many organizations making massive digital transformations that were completely unplanned in many cases. The modifications nearly every organizations had to make were primarily driven by events outside of anyone’s control. However, their success in this

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Seven Ways We’ve Helped Our Partners Transform to Digital Reality During COVID

In 2020, “digital transformation” went from a buzzword to reality. Businesses and governments alike experienced first-hand what it meant to undergo rapid, high-stakes transformation in the way they operate, and many are still coming to terms with the incredible pace at which change has been thrust upon them. Among organizations that experienced a sudden and

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Drupal Core: Behind the Vulnerability

As you may recall, back in June, Checkmarx disclosed multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities impacting Drupal Core, listed as CVE-2020-13663, followed by a more technical breakdown of the findings in late November. Today, we’re releasing details surrounding additional, new vulnerabilities (CVE-2020-13669) uncovered in Drupal Core as part of our continued research of the open source

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How Agencies Can Take Advantage of DevSecOps and Automation to Accelerate ATOs

As federal agencies develop more online services and systems to meet the mission of the U.S. government, their appetite and need to develop and deploy secure software applications rapidly continues to grow. Many agencies are embracing DevSecOps and cloud services as a way to release these applications quickly; however, the need to meet compliance standards

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