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Open Source Is Everywhere – Even Your Codebase

In his 2011 article for The Wall Street Journal, Marc Andreessen wrote that “software is eating the world.” This, he explained, is because of the amazing pace of innovation in the tech industry, which is due in no small part to the open source movement. Open source has grown up alongside the rest of the

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What Developers Need From Secure Coding Training

Developers are eager for knowledge, especially when it comes to learning how to write secure-by-design code. However, they lack the necessary skills to perform this job properly, as quite often hackers have the advantage of time. Security training is generally a low priority operation even though Developers and DevOps are expected to be fully compliant

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Developer Training in the Context of Regulatory Compliance

Many regulatory frameworks require developers to be educated about security. The most recent version of the PCI DSS standard, for example, which was last updated in May 2018, mentions the words “train” or “training” 38 times. But the question for businesses is: how do you actually train developers to write and deploy secure code? That’s

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Five Security Best Practices Public Sector Organisations Need to Consider

Public sector organisations face considerable pressures when developing software to underpin essential citizen services. Delivery timeframes are short, budgets are tight, skills are scarce, and security is paramount. Many public sector organisations often employ experienced contractors to offset the shortage of in-house skills, but this can bring its own challenges when it comes to ensuring

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Securing the Online Storefront: Digital Transformation for Growing eCommerce Businesses

Fenny Kuo, software and cyber security specialist at Galaxy Software Services (GSS) shares her insight into what is happening in Taiwan and further afield in the area of eCommerce, crime and rapid digital transformation. Among the many global impacts of COVID-19 one very noticeable effect was on the way we buy on the Street –

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