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Top Mobile Hacks of 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Happy October! And we all know what that means… Cooler weather, fuzzy sweaters, pumpkin spiced everything, and National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). In honor of NCSAM, we’re taking a dive into the world of mobile and will be sharing ways to keep your developers #CyberAware so that you don’t fall victim to some of the threats, hacks, and breaches we’re discussing in this blog post.

Mobile apps and devices are increasingly under fire from hackers, and according to Avast, the first half of 2017 saw an almost 40% increase in cyber attacks (compared to last year), with around 1.7 million attacks per month of Q2/2017. Now, onto some examples… Let’s take a look at some of the most harrowing threats and attacks targeting the mobile world in 2017, thus far.

April 26: FalseGuide Malware Hits 2M


A mobile malware known as FalseGuide was found hidden in around 40 guide apps for games that were found available for download on Google Play. An estimated 2 million Android users are said to have downloaded the malicious apps.

May 23: Cyber Gang Steals $900K from Bank Accounts on Infected Smartphones


Cybercriminals based out of Russia used a mobile trojan known as ‘CronBot’ to infect over one million Android smartphones over a five-month period to then access bank accounts connected to the devices. The cybercriminals managed to steal around $900,000 before being caught and arrested by the Russian Interior Ministry.

July 6: 14M Outdated Android Devices Hit By ‘CopyCat’ Malware


A brand of mobile malware called CopyCat infected more than 14 million devices around the world. The malware made millions by taking advantage of outdated devices with fake apps.

September 1: Six Million Instagram Accounts Hacked


Around 6 million Instagram accounts have been hacked and the data has been exposed online by the hacker. The private data leaked online included email addresses and phone numbers, and high-end celebrity accounts are said to have been affected (including Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, and Harry Styles).

September 12: Beware of BlueBorne


Android, iOS, and various other bluetooth connected devices are at risk of getting hit by an array of vulnerabilities, currently known as ‘BlueBorne’. Users with activated bluetooth may be at risk of malware attacks that can be done from afar and may allow an attacker to control a device, Man in the Middle style attacks to breach networks and access private data without the victim even knowing about it.

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