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Worst Passwords of 2013

The results are out. SplashData, a leading password management application provider, has released its annual list of 25 most common passwords found on the net. The list was compiled with the help of data files consisting of millions of stolen passwords, published by leading hackers on the net.

The similarities to the leaked Adobe password list from last year are alarming. Millions of users put themselves at risk with these predictable passwords. “123456” took first place and 2012 winner “password” finished second. Other unrecommended passwords in the Top-10 included “iloveyou”, “admin”, “123456789” and “abc123”.

SplashData recommends using passwords of atleast eight characters. Collateral damage scenarios can be avoided by not using the same usernames and passwords for multiple websites. All internet users must start implementing strong passwords and also change them frequently. This obviously is not being done enough.

Source – Worst Passwords Of 2013

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