Hellman & Friedman to Acquire Checkmarx at a $1.15B Valuation

How will the AppSec Beginner’s Guide Help Me?

Whether you are a developer, an aspiring ethical hacker or an information security manager – understanding and implementing good application security is mandatory. We strongly recommend you make use of the information and resources in this AppSec Beginners Guide, which will successfully kick-start your journey towards a more secure future. It’s also best to read

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Cybercrime – Affecting Organizations Worldwide

With more and more organizations offering their services via online channels, cybercrime has picked up significantly. Banking, e-commerce, retail, health, defense, government, transportation and other websites have given hackers (and commercial attackers) a large choice of potential targets to exploit. According to American research and analysis firm Juniper Research, cybercrime will cost businesses around $2.1

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