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New Skill Let Amazon Alexa Spy on Users
May 7, 2018 | By PAUL WAGENSEIL

As a proof of concept, researchers from Israel-based application-security firm Checkmarx wrote a malicious "skill," or Alexa functions, that managed to turn an Amazon Echo Dot into a full-fledged eavesdropping device that recorded dialogue indefinitely and sent transcriptions of human speech to a third-party website as well as to Amazon. (The skill was never... Read More >

Researchers Hacked Amazon’s Alexa to Spy On Users, Again
May 7, 2018 | By Lindsey O’Donnell

A malicious proof-of-concept Amazon Echo Skill shows how attackers can abuse the Alexa virtual assistant to eavesdrop on consumers with smart devices – and automatically transcribe every word said. Checkmarx... Read More >

Latest Alexa hack shows Echo could be turned into scary spying device
May 7, 2018 | By Colm Gorey

According to Forbes, the discovery was made by a company called Checkmarx, whose tools test the security of soon-to-be released software. The hack exploits Alexa’s in-built function to listen out for follow-up... Read More >

Hacking the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant to spy on unaware users
May 7, 2018 | By Pierluigi Paganini

Checkmarx experts created a proof-of-concept Amazon Echo Skill for Alexa that instructs the device to eavesdrop on users’ conversations and then sends the transcripts to a website controlled by the attackers. Read More >

Amazon Echo made to eavesdrop without exploit or manipulation
May 7, 2018 | By Robert Abel

Checkmarx security researchers developed a proof of concept attack that would allow enable an Amazon Echo to continue recording a user long after a request is made. Read More >

Researchers Find Alexa Security Flaw to Spy on Users
May 7, 2018 | By Priya Anand

Security researchers at the firm Checkmarx said they found a way to create an Alexa skill that would continue listening to users long after they prompted the software, according to... Read More >

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