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THE EU GDPR: what does it mean for application security?
March 6, 2017 | By Amit Ashbel

With four out of every five businesses using 10 or more business applications, securing those applications should be paramount in the run up to March 2018. There continues to be a... Read More >

February 2017: The month in hacks and breaches
March 1, 2017 | By CSO Staff

On February 5, an anonymous hacker kicked off February’s breaches, taking down a dark web hosting service that the hacker claimed was hosting child pornography sites. In the process, the hacker showed just how easily the dark web can be compromised. Then, on February 10, as many as 20 hackers... Read More >

Guest View: Cybersecurity education isn’t a game. Or is it?
February 28, 2017 | By Amit Ashbel

Security, specifically application security, has become a huge challenge for IT companies worldwide. Actually, most companies in any vertical nowadays have some sort of IT platform they maintain. An increasing... Read More >

Checkmarx announces Open Beta for Scala Programming Language Vulnerability Detection
February 16, 2017 | By Dawn Nicholls

New York: Checkmarx has announced open beta support of the Scala programming language. The new capability adds the ability to analyze and remediate security risks and vulnerabilities exposed in projects... Read More >

A Modern Day Love Story: Security and DevOps
February 13, 2017 | By Amit Ashbel

It’s a tale as old as time, the last person you ever thought you would love becomes the one person you can’t live without. Enter – software security and developer teams, did you see that one coming? While these teams may not always see eye to eye, one cannot succeed... Read More >

Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: Checkmarx – Spotting Software Trends and Beyond
February 6, 2017 | By Paul Curran

Software is now embedded in every aspect of modern day business, making it critical for organizations to understand how the industry is evolving and where it’s headed. The internet, with... Read More >

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