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Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: Checkmarx – Spotting Software Trends and Beyond
February 6, 2017 | By Paul Curran

Software is now embedded in every aspect of modern day business, making it critical for organizations to understand how the industry is evolving and where it’s headed. The internet, with... Read More >

January 2017: The month in hacks and breaches
February 6, 2017 | By CSO Staff

Then, on January 19th, internet account passwords for 14 Trump appointees, including Rudy Giuliani and Michael Flynn, were leaked online, the result of “mass breaches of websites like LinkedIn, MySpace, and others between 2012 and 2016,” according to a report by Britain’s Channel 4. But that wasn't all the news... Read More >

J is for Java Script
February 6, 2017 | By Network Computing

J is for JavaScript. JavaScript is a core component of and present in almost every element of the web browsing experience. Because of the prolific nature of JavaScript on the web, any JavaScript vulnerabilities that are identified are valuable to cybercriminals and can be exploited to attack websites, individuals and... Read More >

Checkmarx opens beta support for Scala programming language
February 1, 2017 | By Michael Haynes

Checkmarx, an application security testing company, has announced open beta support of the Scala programming language. The new capability adds the ability to analyze and remediate security risks and vulnerabilities exposed in projects written using Scala code.   Click here to continue reading.  Read More >

Trump, Twitter and Hackers? Don’t Just Use Passwords
January 31, 2017 | By Jimmy H. Koo

“A Twitter account probably has no financial value by itself but depending on the account owner, it could be used to spread false information and create wrong impressions,” Amit Ashbel,... Read More >

Report: malicious ‘fake’ news links used to socially engineer
January 31, 2017 | By Max Metzger

Amit Ashbel, cyber-security evangelist at Checkmarx told SC: “I think that it's not exactly the fake news that create these excellent lure tactics but rather the targeted news.” “Modern social... Read More >

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