Checkmarx Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

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The Business Value of Partial Code Scanning
December 29, 2014 | By Kevin Beaver

It’s kind of funny and ironic that we humans are all about instant gratification, yet with information risk issues such as source code analysis, we tend to want to wait until everything’s perfect (and way more costly) before we get started. This reminds me of the Mark Victor Hansen quote:... Read More >

8 Cybersecurity Resolutions to Make for 2015
December 8, 2014 | By Nicole Fallon

It seems that 2014 was the year of data breaches in the business world. Target, Home Depot, AT&T, JP Morgan, eBay, P.F. Chang’s and other high-profile brands all fell victim to cybercriminals, compromising both the companies’ reputations and their customers’ information. 1. Secure your mobile apps You know you need... Read More >

5 Ways Outsourcing App Development Security Will Help You Cut Costs
November 12, 2014 | By Shirley Ben-Dak

IT managers today are faced with many tasks and not enough time to complete them all. While these individuals are primarily tasked with ensuring that their top developers efficiently write... Read More >

Citizen Developers Will Ruin Software, Discuss
September 30, 2014 | By Forbes

Our use of term ‘citizen’ has evolved. It has transmogrified from its original context pertaining to: any native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government. Today then, citizen means: a consumer-level or non-specialist participant who engages in the formal activities of an established... Read More >

Web Security Tools that Take the Pressure Off Web Designers
September 25, 2014 | By Peter Lee

Designers can take an idea and turn it into a masterpiece of user interactivity, and because of their competence in all things aesthetic and interface, they’re often asked to undergo... Read More >

Checkmarx Named Fastest Growing Security Company in Israel
September 23, 2014 | By Sharon Solomon

Checkmarx, a leading developer of static code analysis solutions which identify software security vulnerabilities, has been ranked the #1 fastest growing security company in the Israel Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for 2014 – one of Israel’s foremost technology awards. Checkmarx’s outstanding 1286% growth rate over the last five years positions... Read More >

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