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2018 Security 100: 20 Coolest Web, Email And Application Security Vendors
March 7, 2018 | By Michael Novinson

Checkmarx in July unveiled its acquisition of Codebashing, an application security education company built by developers that uses gamification to train other developers. One month later, the company released an interactive application security testing platform that enables dynamic and continuous testing in real time with zero scan time, outstanding accuracy... Read More >

Tinder Flaw Lets Anyone Snoop on Your Swipes
January 24, 2018 | By Marshall Honorof

Israeli security firm Checkmarx released a report on the subject, entitled “Are You on Tinder? Someone May Be Watching You Swipe.” The paper covers two distinct and potentially troubling flaws. The first takes advantage of unsecured Tinder protocols; the second can discern what happens behind secured connections with a little... Read More >

Tinder app can let people see who you match with and swipe left or right on
January 24, 2018 | By Aatif Sulleyman

The vulnerabilities were uncovered by cyber security firm Checkmarx, which describes them as “disturbing”. It discovered that the Tinder app lacks basic HTTPS encryption for profile pictures, allowing anyone using... Read More >

Hackers can see and edit your Tinder pictures and matches simply by joining the same Wi-Fi network as you
January 24, 2018 | By Shivali Best

Researchers from Checkmarx have released a report titled ‘Are You on Tinder? Someone May Be Watching You Swipe’ in which they explain Tinder’s lack of HTTPS encryption. The researchers built... Read More >

Tinder user? Lack of encryption means stalkers can watch you at it…
January 24, 2018 | By Paul Ducklin

Dismiss it as a cheesy idea if you like, but Tinder claims to process 1,600,000,000 swipes a day and to set up 1,000,000 dates a week. At more than 11,000... Read More >

Your Tinder secrets could be EXPOSED: Massive security flaws in the app could let strangers hijack your photos, spy on your swipes and see pictures of all your matches
January 24, 2018 | By Phoebe Weston

Researchers from Tel Aviv-based security firm Checkmarx found it is possible for a hacker to take control of profile pictures and swap them for inappropriate content and rogue advertising. One... Read More >

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