Checkmarx Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

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The Israeli Checkmarx Has Revealed a Serious Security Breach on Children’s Tablet
August 7, 2019 | By Rafael Kahan

Israel-based cybersecurity firm Checkmarx identifies multiple vulnerabilities within children’s’ educational tablet. Read More >

A Security-First Approach to DevOps
July 29, 2019 | By Kacy Zurkus

Aware of the risks inherent in software, businesses are recognizing the need for application security. Read More >

What’s Driving DevSecOps Adoption Within the Federal Government?
June 25, 2019 | By Rich Wajsgras

We are now seeing a commitment to the adoption of secure coding practices within federal agencies and organizations. Read More >

These Are the 13 Hottest Companies in Cloud Security Software, According to IT Professionals
June 2, 2019 | By Rosalie Chan

A list of the top 13 SaaS security companies that industry professionals are watching most-closely. Read More >

The 3 deadly sins of insecure programming
April 19, 2019 | By Erez Yalon

Over time, experienced security professionals see the same programming mistakes occur over and over again. In application security, these are usually found either in the design of the software or in the way that this design is implemented—in how the code is written. Read More >

The price we pay for convenience may be too high
April 17, 2019 | By Erez Yalon

Amazon experienced yet another successful holiday season, and the Echo Dot was the top-selling item on its website for the third consecutive year. As Alexa continues to make its way into... Read More >

Press Releases

Checkmarx Announces Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Support

TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Checkmarx, a global leader in application security testing, today announced availability of its FIPS compliance CxSAST offering. The new capability enables Checkmarx to comply with FIPS 140 regulations and maintain its strict guidelines across all Checkmarx implementations. (more…) Read More >

Checkmarx Announces Exclusive Partnership with TOYO Corporation

TEL AVIV--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Checkmarx, a global leader in software application security, today announced it has entered into an exclusive agency partnership with TOYO, leader of the world's most advanced measurement instruments and systems, to offer Checkmarx’ flagship Static Application Security Testing tool “Checkmarx CxSAST” to TOYO customers as a security solution... Read More >

Checkmarx Asks Developers: “Are You #SecureDevAware?” to Mark National Cyber Security Awareness Month

TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Checkmarx, a global leader in software application security, today launched to raise awareness for secure development within R&D teams. The campaign... Read More >

Checkmarx Launches Enhanced Mobile Application Security Allowing Developers To Deliver Secure Mobile Apps

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Black Hat – Checkmarx, a global leader in software application security, today launched an enhanced solution for increased mobile application security. As the number of existing clients using Checkmarx’s products... Read More >