Empower Your Developers to Deliver Secure Software Faster!

Security Champion – Do your developers deliver secure code?

The importance of integrating security early in the SDLC is a subject commonly discussed and agreed upon. However, getting your developers to write secure code that is vulnerability-proof to begin with is still quite the challenge.

Join John Yeo, Senior Director of Appsec Education Products Portfolio at Checkmarx and Co-Founder of Codebashing, as he shines a light on secure coding best practices and training programs that are contextual, digestible and tailor made to fit developers.
Join the webinar to:

    • Discover how developers can be enticed to learn and deliver secure code
    • Understand how developer training can be time and resource efficient
    • Learn how security training for developers can be interactive and actually fun

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About the Speaker:

John Yeo, Senior Director of Appsec Education Products Portfolio, Checkmarx John is a former software security tester turned builder of global security testing and incident response teams. He co-founded Codebashing (now part of Checkmarx), focused on training developers Application Security principles through a cloud-based, game-like e-learning platform that developers actually want to play.

Follow @codebashing on Twitter for more developer education news and best practices.

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