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What is your False Positives ratio?

Checkmarx has a low rate of False Positives (less than 5%). We achieve that by marking a result as FP in the UI and adapting the rules to your environment. Our professional services team can do this for you.

How often do you release product updates?

A new version is released every year. A service pack is released every quarter. Hotfixes are released as needed.

Can I integrate with a build management system?

Yes. We currently have plugins for Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, TFS, Anthill Pro and others.

Can I use Checkmarx to understand how changes in the code resulted in vulnerabilities?

Yes, Checkmarx provides a side by side comparison of scans and points out the differences.

Does Checkmarx provide a product or a service?

Checkmarx’s product is available either On-premise, on a private cloud or on our secure CxCloud service.

How do you do your magic?

Checkmarx parse raw source code (no need to compile) stores it in a DB and queries it with hundreds of rules to find vulnerabilities. Rules can be easily modified & added.

Do you support scanning of mobile applications?

Yes, Checkmarx fully supports scanning of Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications.

What types of reports can Checkmarx provide?

Project progress reports and configurable dashboards in PDF, RTF, CSV or XML.


Do I have to rescan my entire code base every time?

No. The incremental scan option will automatically scan only the updated files and their dependencies.