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Vulnerability Knowledge Base

Cybercrime has risen exponentially in recent years, exposing a wide range of vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications. 2015 alone had several high-profile hackings of severe nature. The Ashley Madison data breach involved the theft of around 37 million records. Anthem was hacked, leading to the compromising of 80 million private records. Experian was also raided, with over 15 million people’s private data being stolen.

Most of these security issues are caused due to poor coding practices, which lead to poor application code integrity. In other words, hackers are exploiting application-layer loopholes in poorly-coded applications to initiate their attacks. Application Security (AppSec) is the call of the hour. But no security program can be properly implemented without good AppSec IQ amongst the developers.

Checkmarx has addressed the need for raised Application Security awareness levels with a wide range of whitepapers and in-depth articles on its blog, covering a wide range of issues and highlighting developer best-practices involving Mobile, Cloud and IoT security. But we have now decided to take things a step further with a dedicated Vulnerability Knowledge Base.

The following Vulnerability Knowledge Base will showcase the leading vulnerabilities that are wreaking havoc in today’s cyberspace. These application-layer vulnerabilities, which also feature regularly in commonly recognized reference lists such as OWASP Top-10 and SANS 25, will be covered extensively for your convenience. Here you can find background information, real-life examples and ways to eliminate the vulnerabilities.