Partnership Program

Checkmarx maintains a strategic partner program enabling businesses worldwide to benefit from our comprehensive application security platform, increase our overall capabilities with additional support for our customers. By leveraging partnerships with a range of security services, Checkmarx customers receive strategic consulting throughout implementation. We see our partners as an extension of the Checkmarx team, and partners play an integral role in helping organizations around the globe stay proactive about security.

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Raksha Technologies

Raksha Technologies | India

Raksha Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 organization. It is a pure play IT Security Solution provider started in the year 2000 with Headquarters in Chennai with offices in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, as well as several partnered operations across rest of the country. Raksha Technologies caters to a larger base of customers across several verticals – Banking, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Manufacturing and education to name a few. With a team of several qualified and certified technical support and pre-sales consultants, we understand customer needs better and provide them the best to fit for IT solutions. Configuring products and solutions through Onsite, Remote, Email and telephonic support is extended to customers. Raksha has been awarded by several vendors for technical excellence in implementation.

eSec Forte

eSec Forte | India

eSec Forte Technologies is a CMMI Level-3, ISO 9001-2008, 27001-2013 certified Information Security Consulting and Services company. Headquartered in Delhi, with offices in Singapore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon eSec provides services to Fortune 1000, Govt Organizations and other Enterprises. eSec Forte has certified and skilled engineers to carry out support and implementation (pre-sales, implementation and post sales support) for Checkmarx.



South Korea
Hancom MDS

Hancom MDS | South Korea

Hancom MDS Inc. [KOSDAQ : MDS Technology Co],Hancom MDS Inc., the leader in embedded solutions in Korea, has been focusing on the embedded solutions industry for more than 20 years, having served over 1,500 clients, including Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and SK.
Hancom MDS Inc. provides customers with global cutting-edge embedded solutions and aim to help customers reduce time-to-market while improving quality by providing the most effective total solutions for embedded industries, such as automotive, defense/aerospace, mobile, digital device, etc.
Hancom MDS Inc. also provides Security solutions, Industrial IoT solutions, Integrated Big Data Platforms and Cloud solutions following the latest IT convergence trends.

Hong Kong
eWalker Consulting (HK) Limited

eWalker Consulting (HK) Limited | Hong Kong


Ackcent | Spain

Ackcent is a company specializing and exclusively dedicated to provide cybersecurity services and solutions. Our aim is to effectively protect the digital assets of our customers. Ackcent is specialized in the provision of services for the protection of critical digital assets and our professionals has an exceptional experience in cybersecurity for critical environments of public and private organizations internationally:

–       Aligning security and business strategy: personalized senior-management advice that provides the background, rationale and business practical advice to minimize the impact of cyber incidents.

–       Assessing and managing vulnerabilities: ethical hacking audits and pentest focused on gathering valuable security information from any computing and organizational environment and turning it into actionable insight.

–       Managing cloud security services: cloud security services address and monitor 24/7 security challenges that might take place both in public and private cloud environments.


AdCare | Kenya

AdCare LTD was formed in 2007 as a technology company specializing in Outsourced Managed Technology Services – the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

This covers Managed IT Service platforms – computing frameworks used to deliver network-based services, applications and equipment to enterprises, residences, or other service providers. A MSP platform allows an organization, IT consultant or VAR to remotely monitor servers, firewalls, Exchange servers, Active Directory Servers, routers or switches from a central location.


Astec | Slovenia

Astec d.o.o. has been for several years the leading independent information security consulting and service oriented company in Slovenia. Our services include ISMS, risk analysis, security assessment and penetration testing, source code security analysis, SIEM, DLP, IDM, FW, IPS solutions, etc.. We have made partnerships with the leading IT companies (CheckMarx, CheckPoint, StoneSoft, Palo Alto Networks, McAfee, Cisco Systems, Oracle, TrendMicro, IBM etc.). Our vision is to help our customers achieve business goals by providing adequate information protection and improve user satisfaction.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

ATIA D.O.O. | Bosnia and Herzegovina

ATIA is a IT security integration and consulting company. ATIA is fully focused in providing IT security services including: penetration tests, source code analysis, vulnerability assessments, risk management analysis, business continuity analysis and the implementation of information security management systems. Our clients come from different sectors including: telecom operators, banks and financial institutions, ICT companies, industrial companies and public instituitons. Our company has a strong knowledge in the implementation of IT security solutions including: identity and access management, data classification, data loss prevention, intrusion preventions systems, intrusion detection systems, vulnerability management, fraud management, etc. Our vision is to help our customers to achieve business goals by improving the level of information security in their business environment.


Ballintrae | UK

Ballintrae is a specialist IT consultancy focusing on the financial services sector.  With deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of the industry, extensive experience and a skilled team of people who consistently exceed expectations, Ballintrae continues to build an enviable reputation as a ‘safe pair of hands’.  As experts with an impressive track record, we give clients the confidence and peace of mind that our team will focus on your business challenges and deliver on time and budget. Come and visit at

Beijing Watertek Information Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Watertek Information Technology Co., Ltd | China

Beijing Watertek, the leading TOTAL-Solution provider of embedded systems in China, is always focusing on the development, production, sales and technical services of embedded products. At present, the company is committed to provide testing products and technical services for embedded systems in the aerospace, aviation, communication, railway, finance and automobile industry. &


Binqsoft | China

Binqsoft is a software development and consulting service provider. Its name Binqsoft is derived from the Chinese word “concurrent engines,” which have two implications: the company’s technical commitment to the server-side concurrent programming model in the multi-core era, and more importantly, its focus on teamwork to ensure every employee acts as the engine driving the company forward.

Its current key technical staff used to work at Microsoft, HP and Morgan Stanley as senior engineers for years. They have spent the majority of their decade-long career in applying information technology in different domains. They have used their excellent technical skills to provide help for the software development in a lot of Top 500 companies.

With a people-centered approach, Shanghai Binqsoft strives to achieve development through people. It firmly believes that “a world-class company is created by great teams and individuals and excellent solutions are the result of joint efforts.” Thanks to its commitment to “putting customers first,” it has won the heart and long-term support of many customers by incorporating “service” into every part of its operation and management.


Cert2Connect | Netherland

Cert2Connect provides solutions and professional services in the field of information security and risk management, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Mobile platforms.

CGA Group

CGA Group | Thailand

CGA Group uses the power of technology to help organizations achieve great things.
As a specialized system integrator in Thailand, we accelerate our clients’ ambitions through cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow, and social media intelligence.
With over 50+ years of technology experience globally helping both private and public enterprises in this ever-changing technology and business landscape, we ensure that we guide and support our customers through their digital transformation journey.
We appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and your team to share our expertise around Digital Transformation for your enterprise; and also work together jointly as your trusted adviser in this journey




commissum is a European company one hundred percent focused on the provision of independent Information Assurance services. The commissum team has been providing a range of these services to a broad cross-section of business and government sector clients for over twenty years. As a specialist Information Assurance company, commissum understands the commercial and technological implications of the modern networked world, its risks, and the resulting balance of business opportunity versus exposure. The commissum team is well placed to offer the level of experience and expertise needed to assist in meeting the legal and commercial responsibilities demanded of company management in this environment.


DigitalEngineering | Italy

SecuPi protegge le applicazioni web ed enterprise da insider malevoli e hackers. Grazie alla combinazione di monitoraggio attivo dei dati e delle attività ed all’analisi del comportamento degli utenti, SecuPi rileva e previene gli attacchi in tempo reale, prima che si verifichi un danno o un data breach.

il Light Agent SecuPi monitora le applicazioni sensibili e le transazioni analizzando il comportamento in tempo reale degli utenti. Riesce cosi a bloccare imemdiatamente gli attacchi e a proteggere i dati sensibili con data masking innovativo, l’enforcing del need to Know ed il record level control.


DIVERTO D.O.O. | Croatia

Diverto is a proven enabler of Information Security. Our services are tailored to your needs and requirements, and are aimed to provide maximum protection to our clients business from data breaches, damaged credibility, and disruption of services.


edgescan | Ireland

edgescan™ is the only hybrid cloud-based managed penetration testing solution in Europe with manual verification of all findings and full-stack security coverage (e.g. web applications, websites, mobile applications, servers, firewalls, VPN’s and VoIP services). edgescan™ is a highly scalable software as a service (SaaS) which provides real-time metrics, reporting on demand, and is highly accurate, easy to use and very cost effective.

Endpoint Labs

Endpoint Labs | Turkey

IBM is establishing bytes, the first Business-Partner in Turkey, 1985 to present carefully the knowledge we create, “Information and Network Security” area in our country “first” throwing s signature, creativity our converting to advanced technological solutions ported to the international arena.

Until now, many “national and international” our crowning the original structure with prizes, most popular and most widely used Network Security in the world “Security-Firewall, Gateway” system of creation and production in our country with the synergy we have created with the Italian endian company first Turkish-Italian Information Security Research and We have established a joint development lab.

Endpoint-labs; “Information Security” problem of the “original” solutions and was established to produce systems. We are proud to ensure that our solutions not only in our country is used all over the world. Founded easy, hassle-free managed, the most basic need for an organization “Information Security” that respond to the needs of “network-Passages” (software and hardware) are producing systems…


ethnosIT | Nigeria

EthnosIT offers IT security appliances and support that ensures organization’s critical information assets like sensitive data and IT infrastructure are better protected against attacks. The company also provides clients with the needed leverage to satisfy and comply with the global security industry standard and regulation such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27002 etc.

Evox Computing

Evox Computing | Cyprus

Evox Computing is a security professional services company dedicated to providing information security related consulting and services which cover the entrire lifecycle of your ISMS strategy. Evox Computing is specializing in enterprise security architectures, software verification services and networking. Our goal is to provide value added security consulting and vendor independent security services.


Foregenix | UK

Foregenix specializes in information security business, providing services designed to assist customers in improving their security.


GSS | Taiwan

Galaxy Software Services Corporation(GSS), one of the leading business application software and consulting service providers in Taiwan, specializes in system integration of business applications, business-specific software development and business process and technical consulting services…

South Africa

IndigoCube | South Africa

IndigoCube  helps organisation to improve that quality of their software.  It does this by enabling and improving the agility, productivity and security of the application life cycle.  It specialises in agile transformations, business analysis, software testing and application security.  The application of best practices and the development of requisite skills is core to all its solutions and it partners with some of the world’s leading vendors.  IndigoCube is ideally positioned to boost productivity and long-term return on investment in its focus areas.


Infodava | Romania

Established in 2006, Infodava leverages 10 years of know-how for implementing business critical systems for Large Enterprises and Service Providers from Telecom, Banking and Utility sectors.

Providing a compelling price/quality and flexibility in adapting to customer needs, Infodava has been a pioneer in adopting and promoting leading-edge technologies in Eastern Europe, especially for IT Security solutions from Symantec, IBM, Oracle, Titus and Websense.

With the latest Checkmarx specialization, Infodava is one of the active promoters in Romania for Source Code Analysis / Static Application Security Testing solutions. Infodava is a founding member of IT Smart Systems Group and Yellow Hat Security Services.


Czech Republic

Insighti | Czech Republic

We will find the weak spots in your applications before a real attacker or users do and we will devise an efficient remediation. You will receive the broadest range of information regarding the security of your systems. All by ethical hackers.

Our static code analysis methods are build on deep understanding of your system and all its parts. Through our code-review services you we will help you uncover even such vulnerabilities, that remain hidden to conventional methods.

Through deployment of our security experts within your projects we will ensure the implementation of thorough and reliable security measures in your systems.

Offered services: penetration testing, static code analysis, security architecture design and review, review and validation of 3rd party code and algorithms, security consulting, psychological methods of preventing employee criminality.

Intacto Networks

Intacto Networks | Finland

Intacto Networks are a Value Added Distributor focusing on information security at Finland and other Nordic countries. Take innovative, leading edge information security vendors into Nordic markets. We add value by concept new technologies into critical network environment management solutions to our partners. Our customers are organizations at finance, information and communication services, public works, safety, hospital and telecom business segments.


LatamIsrael | LATAM

LatamIsrael cyber seguridad brings to Latin America’s CIOs and CISO’s  the latest and most innovative products for cybersecurity. People in charge of IT security at companies, financial institutions and governments face new challenges that require the most advanced security technology. We represent for Latin America and Iberia some of the most innovative products in cyber security developed in Israel, a world leader in these areas.

South Africa
Magix Security

Magix Security | South Africa

Magix Security delivers comprehensive and trusted Cybercrime Defense and Detection services to address, manage, and contain the risks and potential damage posed through the misuse of applications, or other IT information assets, by employees and/or third parties.



MTP | Spain

Sobre MTP

En el nuevo espacio digital las organizaciones afrontan desafíos relacionados con la optimización de costes, reducción del time-to-market, búsqueda de la mejora continua o flexibilidad organizativa. Para superarlos es necesario avanzar hacia un modelo de Calidad Total que asegure la consecución del negocio.

MTP ha diseñado un conjunto de servicios y soluciones que garantizan el aseguramiento digital de la actividad y que se estructura en: Servicios de Aseguramiento de la Calidad, de Experiencia de Cliente, de Ciberseguridad y de Negocio.

MTP es una compañía líder en Servicios de Aseguramiento Digital que cuenta con veinte años de experiencia y con capacidad para ofrecer servicios a nivel global.

Más información en


About MTP

In the context of the new digital space, organizations are facing a series of challenges regarding with cost optimization, reduced time-to-market, and the pursuit of continuous improvement and organizational flexibility. To overcome them, it is now necessary to move towards a model of Total Quality.

MTP has designed a set of services and solutions in order to guarantee the “digital assurance” of any organization activity. This proposal is divided into the following services: Quality Assurance, Customer Experience, Cyber Security and Business Services.

MTP is a leader in Digital Assurance Services that has twenty years of experience and the ability to deliver services worldwide.

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Navixia SA

Navixia SA | Switzerland

Navixia SA is a Swiss company specialized in all aspects of information security. Our efficient and highly experienced team consists of senior specialists, several of which are authorities in their field. Navixia provides each customer, large or small, with an individual and flexible approach exactly tailored to their specific security requirements.

NII Consulting

NII Consulting | India

Network Intelligence is an ISO 27001 certified PCI DSS QSA, well-established provider of information security services and products from India. Incorporated in July 2001, we have established a reputation of providing top notch information security consultancy to industry leaders both in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region as well as other parts of the globe. Our client list includes companies across verticals such as banking and financial services, software services, pharmaceutical, telecom, manufacturing, e-commerce, and government departments. Our consultants possess the requisite industry certifications, but, more importantly, they are equipped with a wide range of skills covering different technologies and environments.



NIXU | Finland

Nixu Ltd is Nordic’s largest specialist company in information security consulting. Nixu advises, builds, develops and inspects its customers’ information security as an independent advisor. Our goal is to ensure the continuity of our customer’s business and internet services by anticipating and preventing information security-related risks. We employ around 100 experienced information security consultants, technical experts and software developers, who form Nordics’ leading cluster of information security expertise. Over 20 years of information security and network experience ensure that Nixu is a trusted advisor for many large corporations and public sector organizations.


NOVA8 | Brasil

NOVA8 is a startup company with the mission of enabling in Brazil and Latin America new generation technologies, from the most advanced innovation centers worldwide. With a focus on cyber security, NOVA8 also differentiates by a layer of professional services that accelerate the effective implementation and support of these solutions in all its phases.

NTT Data Business Solution

NTT Data Business Solution | Singapore

NTT DATA Business Solution is part of the NTT DATA group, a Fortune 31 telecommunication and IT services company based in Japan. With business operations in more than 35 countries, we put emphasis on long-term commitment and combine global reach and local intimacy to provide premier premier professional services from consulting, system development to business IT resourcing. With foresight into future needs and deep understanding of their customers, we envision new businesses and services as well as solutions to support them. They share with their customers the dreams to achieve greater  prosperity of business and society.

Being in the business for more than 10 years, and with a team of over 60 local consultants, NTT DATA Business Solution Singapore has successfully implemented major projects across many industries such as in the healthcare sector,financial sector, financial sector, manufacturing sector and the government sector with strong partnership with key software providers.


Openminded | France

French pure-player in Cybersecurity Openminded intervenes in the areas of Audit, Consulting, SOC, Integration and Managed Services. Composed of recognized experts on their perimeters from our CERT to integration teams and security consulting, OPMD teams work in partnership with its customers offering personalized support and follow-up.

Guaranteeing a high level of expertise on technologies, standards, referential and project management we ensure the integration and consulting services around Checkmarx and code analysis thanks to a dedicated team having acquired a solid experience in development (development plant , Code quality and security, developer team management in near- and off-shoring).

South Africa

Performanta | South Africa

At Performanta, Information Security offerings are technology agnostic and include managed, bespoke and turn-key support services that are uniquely tailored to meet the requirements of our clients, who currently extend across 5 continents with a reach of over 1.2 million users. With over 400 years of collective Information Security experience and 100+ staff on the ground in South Africa, United Kingdom, Netherlands & Nigeria we humbly admit to employing the most security minded people in the industry.

Quenta Solutions

Quenta Solutions | Spain

Quenta Solutions provides cost saving & added value business solutions based on Software Asset Management (SAM) & Software License Optimization (SLO), Application Performance Management (APM), End User Experience Improvement & Web Data Mining and Cybersecurity & IT Security Solutions.


Our purpose is to helps companies to ensure continuous licensing compliance, saving cost knowing in detail the licenses installed, acquired and not acquired, as well the real use. Quenta Solutions helps today’s software-defined businesses proactively monitor, manage, analyze and optimize the most complex software environments in production, providing real-time, actionable IT operational and business insights into application performance, user experience and business outcomes, guaranteeing the security of information systems (cibersecurity & IT Security).


Our customers are retail, insurance, industrial, energy, banking, telecommunications, public adminstration and media industries.



Kontakt: Andreas Schmid T: +43 1/211 36 – 3851 M: +43 664/6275027 F: +43 1/211 36 – 3860


Secodis | Germany

“Secodis is an application security consulting company and solution provider based in Hamburg, Germany. Our main focus is to help our customers with integrating application security into their software development and quality assurance processes.”


SecTec | Slovakia

SecTec, a.s. is a dynamic company operating on the Slovak IT market as a value added distributor focused on IT security. In a short period the company became a leader in the distribution and sale of security products and solutions. For achieved success we thank to experience of our employees from the area of business, providing sales and support solutions for products and information security.

The portfolio consists of vendors who are technological leaders in the world of IT. SecTec sells exclusively to system integrators and certified partners. SecTec, a.s. is not focused on selling products and services directly to end users or consumers. Nevertheless, we provide support and our know-how to the whole IT market.

Security & Quality Software GmbH

Security & Quality Software GmbH | Germany

Security & Quality Software GmbH markets and sells turn-key solutions and services for software development departments to incorporate security and quality regulations and coding guidelines into SDLC’s and development processes.


Sinocax | China

Sinocax Information Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company engaged in computer

software testing, Static code scanning, network security equipment, consulting services, the company’s business scope includes:

Provide advanced foreign software and hardware solutions & platinum-class services

To provide software testing, source code scanning and improve product quality, provide a

full set of solutions and consulting services;

To provide network intrusion prevention solution, prevention 0day attack;

Sinocax to a existing doctorate or master’s degrees as the backbone,

and has many years of professional software testing and development of professional

background and rich experience in the project team, but also employ experienced professors

and experts as consultants, to provide our clients with the best solution And high-quality

technical services. Sinocax has consistently adhered to provide customers with “new

technology and high-quality services,” the purpose of China’s enterprises, research

institutions and universities have introduced a large number of integrated hardware and

software products, and provide satisfactory services, has won wide acclaim and good

reputation. So far, the company’s business has been throughout the telecommunications,

finance, education, automotive, research institutes, electricity, electronics,

transportation and other industries.

Soflab Technology

Soflab Technology | Poland

Soflab Technology is the market leader in testing and quality assurance of ICT solutions. By offering top-quality services, we support our clients in ensuring the reliability of implemented software and maintaining business continuity. We provide accurate reports on the quality of inspected IT solutions. This enables optimized relationships with suppliers with the introduction of KPIs and measures, which in turn can lead to reduced ICT expenditure.

Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria | France

Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of end-to-end service offerings on the market: consulting, systems integration, software development, infrastructure management and business process services.


Suma Soft

Suma Soft | India

Suma Soft is a Global ITES Solutions Provider with over 16 years of experience in providing cost-effective and reliable business solutions. We have been trusted technology partner world over. Our services include Business Process Management, Software Development & Maintenance, Technical Support, QA & Testing and IT Risk & Security Management. We provide cost-effective services for various industry specific requirements of our customers and enhance their business productivity, profitability and security posture. Founded in 2000, we are ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified company and empanelled with various Govt. bodies in India. For more information, visit


TataCyber | Indonesia

PT. TataCyber Solusi Indonesia is founded to prepare, equip and protect businesses in Indonesia from any cyber security attacks and threats.
TataCyber provides comprehensive cyber security products and solutions in Indonesia.
Together with our global partners and supported by global experts, we bring the best-of-breed and latest solutions to meet the business requirements in cyber security.


Techedge | Spain

Techedge Group provides its clients comprehensive winning solutions that leverage proven business processes and the latest technology to produce competitive advantage.

Techedge’s expertise in the “full-stack” of technology and experience in all areas of the business means that we have an intimate knowledge and vision of the entire eco-system of processes and applications. Whether engaged to provide the entire solution from the initial consulting, strategy, and planning, through delivery and system maintenance, or as a co-partner delivering a piece of a solution, Techedge consultants know what will work most effectively and offer the highest value.


Teleion | Italy

Teleion is a system integrator operating on the Italian territory since late 80’s. Its strength is a team of senior professionals who help the customers to manage their business, offering software tools and methodologies finalized to optimize performance, mitigate risks, cut costs. The approach of Teleion is to put together the best software tools and the best skills to offer the best service and results to its customers. Teleion customers are large enterprises whose IT services are relying on custom applications that need to be free of vulnerabilities.

TOYO Corporation

TOYO Corporation | Japan

TOYO Corporation has been contributing to Japanese industries through the provision of the world’s most advanced “Measurement Technologies” as its core competence. In order to play a role in enabling Japan as a technology-driven nation to demonstrate its technological prowess to the world, we have been consistently introducing the latest measurement instruments and technologies from around the world in such areas as Information and Communications Technologies, Mechatronics / Noise & Vibration, Materials / Energy, Electromagnetic Compatibility / Antenna Systems, Ocean / Defense & Security, Software Quality and Productivity, Nano Imaging and Medical Systems. In conjunction with such endeavors, we have also been providing products developed by ourselves using the know-how accumulated over many years. Aiming to address the global markets with the technologies we have thus developed, we established a US o­ce in Fremont, near San Jose, California in August 2015, following the China o­ce set up in Shanghai 5 years earlier – the US o­ce launches sales activities for our self-developed products and systems in 2016. As part of this new diversification, we are reinforcing our personnel education programs including those for executives, intending to foster human resources who will contribute to the further growth and expansion of our business in the worldwide market. Besides, we are making active investments to solidify the base for these new challenges, among which are the full-scale renewal of our core business administration system and Website. We assure you that our commitment to living up to – or even exceeding – your expectations will never waver or wane in 2016.

Ivory Coast
Universal Telecom

Universal Telecom | Ivory Coast

Universal Telecom (UTELECOM), an Ivorian Corporate Company, is established in the Free Zone VITIB of Grand Bassam (Ivory Coast). The main activities of the company are to provide:

–          Networking and IP based connectivity services,

–          Internet Access services,

–          IP Values added services such as: IP Telephony, Videoconference, …etc

Based the experience and the technical proofs demonstrated by the company, It has been granted by several integrated projects such as:

–           Installation of a platform for Containers, Trucks, and Goods Management

–          Smart City installation in the Free Zone

–          …etc.

Virtual Subsidiary

Virtual Subsidiary | UK

V-Sub is a vastly experienced, Sales, Marketing, Accountancy, HR, Technical, and Legal service provider with outstanding references and unparalleled success. V-Sub’s fast start, low risk, results orientated approach removes all of the operational worries that can stand in the way of a new International Expansion or in support of an existing operation.

Please don’t call V-Sub if you are not after straight talking from a management team experienced in the collaborative planning and execution of any aspect of international expansion. Irrespective of whether we end up doing business together, our aim is to provide honest information in plain language that will enable you to make a considered decision. There is nothing more disappointing for the V-Sub team than beginning an engagement with a clean-up operation. We have our renowned Hall Of Shame contained within Why V-Sub which gives real life examples of what not to do, how it went wrong and what happened next (you know who you are).


VNCS | Vietnam

Vietnam Cyberspace Security Technology JSC (VNCS) is a subsidiary of Hanoi Telecom Corporation, one of the leading telecom & IT service providers in Vietnam. Hanoi Telecom Corporation is in a co-operation contract with Hutchison Telecom (Hong Kong) to operate Vietnamobile, one of the 4 largest telecommunication providers in Vietnam. VNCS specializes in providing integrated security solutions and services for organizations and government agencies. We also provide consultant services and complete turnkey IT security related projects.



Voquz | Germany

Professional IT solutions for everyone. With us, things just work. With the right experts. With targeted project and quality management. With innovative technology partners. With matching service. With industry knowledge and high customer service. With 30 years of experience.


WiniGroup | Nigeria

A value-added international security solutions provider, WiniGroup delivers IT security, risk management, business process optimization, physical security and training services across Africa. Headquartered in Nigeria, the company’s unique mission is to make Africa a more secure region in today’s information age.

Wizlynx Group

Wizlynx Group | Singapore

Wizlynx group is Swiss-based IT Services company. Over more than 2 decades, wizlynx has not only built a solid foundation of information security, quality and project management know-how, but our associates are known for their ability to apply the right soft skills at the right time to best serve our customers. We make it a point to understand the infrastructure, needs and challenges of our customers, which enables us to deliver fast, effective and high quality results. It is our belief that this level of understanding can only be obtained with the most capable and experienced resources. Reach out to our associates at any time through our interactive competence centers to draw upon our knowledge of processes, procedures, guidelines and tools. You’ll be able to see, firsthand, the value our team will add to your organization.

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