Endpoint Labs

15 Jan 2017 | IBM is establishing bytes, the first Business-Partner in Turkey, 1985 to present carefully the knowledge we create, "Information and Network Security" area in our country "first" throwing s signature, creativity our converting to advanced technological solutions ported to the international arena.

Until now, many "national and international" our crowning the original structure with prizes, most popular and most widely used Network Security in the world "Security-Firewall, Gateway" system of creation and production in our country with the synergy we have created with the Italian endian company first Turkish-Italian Information Security Research and We have established a joint development lab.

Endpoint-labs; "Information Security" problem of the "original" solutions and was established to produce systems. We are proud to ensure that our solutions not only in our country is used all over the world. Founded easy, hassle-free managed, the most basic need for an organization "Information Security" that respond to the needs of "network-Passages" (software and hardware) are producing systems...

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