5 Jan 2017 | We will find the weak spots in your applications before a real attacker or users do and we will devise an efficient remediation. You will receive the broadest range of information regarding the security of your systems. All by ethical hackers.

Our static code analysis methods are build on deep understanding of your system and all its parts. Through our code-review services you we will help you uncover even such vulnerabilities, that remain hidden to conventional methods.

Through deployment of our security experts within your projects we will ensure the implementation of thorough and reliable security measures in your systems.

Offered services: penetration testing, static code analysis, security architecture design and review, review and validation of 3rd party code and algorithms, security consulting, psychological methods of preventing employee criminality.

Interested in trying CxSAST on your own code? You can now use Checkmarx's solution to scan uncompiled / unbuilt source code in 18 coding and scripting languages and identify the vulnerable lines of code. CxSAST will even find the best-fix locations for you and suggest the best remediation techniques. Sign up for your FREE trial now.

Checkmarx is now offering you the opportunity to see how CxSAST identifies application-layer vulnerabilities in real-time. Our in-house security experts will run the scan and demonstrate how the solution's queries can be tweaked as per your specific needs and requirements. Fill in your details and we'll schedule a FREE live demo with you.