Sinocax Information Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company engaged in computer

software testing, Static code scanning, network security equipment, consulting services, the company’s business scope includes:

Provide advanced foreign software and hardware solutions & platinum-class services

To provide software testing, source code scanning and improve product quality, provide a

full set of solutions and consulting services;

To provide network intrusion prevention solution, prevention 0day attack;

Sinocax to a existing doctorate or master’s degrees as the backbone,

and has many years of professional software testing and development of professional

background and rich experience in the project team, but also employ experienced professors

and experts as consultants, to provide our clients with the best solution And high-quality

technical services. Sinocax has consistently adhered to provide customers with “new

technology and high-quality services,” the purpose of China’s enterprises, research

institutions and universities have introduced a large number of integrated hardware and

software products, and provide satisfactory services, has won wide acclaim and good

reputation. So far, the company’s business has been throughout the telecommunications,

finance, education, automotive, research institutes, electricity, electronics,

transportation and other industries.

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