Virtual Subsidiary

29 Nov 2016 |

V-Sub is a vastly experienced, Sales, Marketing, Accountancy, HR, Technical, and Legal service provider with outstanding references and unparalleled success. V-Sub's fast start, low risk, results orientated approach removes all of the operational worries that can stand in the way of a new International Expansion or in support of an existing operation.

Please don't call V-Sub if you are not after straight talking from a management team experienced in the collaborative planning and execution of any aspect of international expansion. Irrespective of whether we end up doing business together, our aim is to provide honest information in plain language that will enable you to make a considered decision. There is nothing more disappointing for the V-Sub team than beginning an engagement with a clean-up operation. We have our renowned Hall Of Shame contained within Why V-Sub which gives real life examples of what not to do, how it went wrong and what happened next (you know who you are).

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