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11 Mar 2016

Nullcon Conference 2016

Goa, India

We are excited to sponsor the Nullcon Conference 2016, a unique platform for security companies/evangelists to showcase their research and technology.
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10 Mar 2016

BSidesSLC 2016

Salt Lake City, Utah

BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members. The goal is to expand
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9 Mar 2016

Risk Conference 2016

Lasko, Slovenia

RiSK 2016, a conference bringing together CIOs, CTOs, CSO from banks, retailers, telcos, government, system integrators, IT consultants and the
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7 Mar 2016

Taiwan InfoSec Conference 2016

Taipei, Taiwan

2015, iThome held the first “Information Security Conference in Taiwan”, which is information security activities of Taiwan’s largest so far,
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29 Feb 2016

RSA Conference USA 2016

San Francisco, California

RSA USA  now open for registration. Don’t miss this opportunity to join thousands of industry professionals at the premier information
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23 Feb 2016

[Webinar] Meet the Experts: Software Security & Early Prevention of Vulnerable Code

Join Troy Hunt, Pluralsight Author and Microsoft MVP for Developer Security, and Amit Ashbel, Cyber Security Evangelist at Checkmarx, as
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18 Feb 2016

OWASP SnowFroc 2016

Denver, Colorado

The Colorado OWASP chapters are proud to present SnowFROC 2016. Join 200 other developers, business owners, and security professionals for
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16 Feb 2016

IDC IT Security Summit 2016

Istanbul, Turkey

The event will open on February 16 Read More

29 Jan 2016

Zion Security Conference 2016

Leuven, Belgium

Glad to be part of the annual Zion Security event once again- great talks and networking. Read More

26 Jan 2016

CyberTech Israel 2016

Tel Aviv, Israel

We are excited to sponsor The CyberTech Conference and Exhibition to be held in Tel Aviv on January 26-27, 2016. Read
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