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10 May 2017

IT Week Japan 2017

Tokyo, Japan

Japan IT Week is truly Japan’s largest trade show where you can find any kinds of latest IT technologies/solutions. A
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20 Apr 2017

ISSA 2017 Central Ohio InfoSec Summit

Columbus, Ohio

2017 marks the 10th anniversary for the Central Ohio InfoSec Summit! Join us on Thursday, April 20, 2017 and Friday,
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18 Apr 2017

NIST IT Security Day 2017

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Exhibitors are invited to display their technology products and services at the 2017 NIST IT Security Day at NIST HQ
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12 Apr 2017

NGA Cyber Security Day 2017

Springfield, Virginia

The NGA Cyber Security Day is one event in a series of cyber security awareness activities that the NGA is
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11 Apr 2017

JFTL France 2017

Montrouge, France

The CFTL is organizing the French Software Test Day (JFTL) 2017, a major gathering of software testing professionals and the
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7 Apr 2017


Bengaluru, India

The Conference at INFOSEC MAESTROS Awards in day time aims to bring India’s most respected & renowned CISOs from private,
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5 Apr 2017

IDC IT Roadshow Bahrain


IDC’s Security Summit is a must-attend event that brings together IT Security professionals from the top Middle Eastern organizations, thought-leading
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3 Apr 2017

InfoSec World Orlando 2017

Orlando, Florida

The infosec space is constantly changing, and today’s security practitioners have no choice but to become more entrepreneurial about finding
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3 Apr 2017

OWASP Israel meetup

Ramat Gan, Israel

Join the OWASP Israel community for a chapter meetup om Ramat Gan to learn more about Application Security. For more
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2 Apr 2017

GITEC Summit 2017

Annapolis, Maryland

GITEC is pleased to announce its annual GITEC Summit “Revolution of Solutions: Transforming Government” on April 2-4, 2017 at the
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