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Transform Your SDLC To A Secure SDLC


Accelerate Your AppSec

AppSec Accelerator is an Application Security Managed Service that helps development organizations transition to a secure SDLC and combines SAST and DAST for the best possible security coverage. With AppSec Accelerator, our AppSec experts will help you streamline and automate your Application Security testing, while embedding it within your development environment.

Jump On The Fast Track

Through AppSec Accelerator, we provide the software, expertise, and assistance needed to ensure your Application Security program is successful, allowing you to focus on your business. With the experience of successfully implementing a state of the art AppSec program for the world’s largest organizations, AppSec Accelerator enables you to:

  • Rapidly ramp-up, setup and deploy your AppSec program
  • Transition your organization to a fully automated Secure SDLC
  • Access AppSec experts ready to assist your development teams on-demand via Live Chat

DAST as a Service

While most software development processes may be unique, they all begin with design and development and end with quality assurance to validate deployment readiness. Every secure software delivery process should align with existing development processes and allow developers to detect vulnerabilities as soon as they are introduced (while coding) and validate that no critical risks are left unchecked right before the release.


By introducing DAST as a Service to the mix, AppSec Accelerator saves you time and delivers a holistic application security approach.

Managing and maintaining a team of penetration testers for dynamic security scans requires resources and time. Checkmarx provides a fully managed DAST offering, conducted and maintained by our AppSec experts, thus allowing you to strengthen the last line of defense within your application before it’s released to your customers.


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AppSec Accelerator Offering

AppSec Accelerator includes comprehensive services to help you achieve a Secure SDLC.

AppSec Accelerator™

AppSec Accelerator™

Transform Your SDLC To A Secure SDLC with AppSec Accelerator™. Learn more in our datasheet.