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Limiting Google Snooping For A Secure Workspace

Feb 10, 2014 By Sharon Solomon | It’s no secret that Google has become the most dominant platform on the web, providing virtually all types of online services. Although not publicized enough by the company, there are ways to reduce Google’s presence in your workspace and boost your privacy/security. The controversial change that caused a stir worldwide was the merging of Gmail and Google+ accounts. This sudden development enables people to send emails to complete strangers they randomly add on the Google+ network.
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The Sochi Hacking Scare Take Down & The Rest of The Weeks Best

Feb 09, 2014 By Sarah Vonnegut |  
This week, NBC got called out for a slightly exaggerated report of hacking in Sochi (hint: they weren’t even in Sochi); SnapChat got hit with another vulnerability report; Target was hacked via their A/C and heat guys and more. Here’s a short n’ sweet version of the weeks’ news you may have missed.
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Mobile Friday: Hacked, 800,000 Customers Affected

Feb 07, 2014 By Sharon Solomon | Major hackings are taking place all the time, with many going undetected and unreported. The latest high-profile intrusion took place recently in France, with an estimated 800,000 customers falling victim to privacy and identity-theft. The mobile giant has notified the victims and apologized for the incident. Around 3% of customers were hit by the massive exploit. The company did not elaborate on how the hackings were performed. The breach was possibly commercially motivated and the French cybercrime division is looking into the unfortunate incident.
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US-CERT Releases InfoSec Guidelines For 2014 Winter Olympics

Feb 05, 2014 By Sharon Solomon | The 2014 Winter Olympic Games begin on February 6 in Sochi, Russia. While always a spectacular and festive event, the technological aspect brings in numerous Information Security issues. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (Department of Homeland Security) has released a formal advisory ahead of the Sochi Games.
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Patch It Up Pronto! Critical Zero-Day Update For Adobe Flash

Feb 04, 2014 By Sarah Vonnegut | After discovering a previously unknown remote exploit, Adobe Systems, Inc. has released a critical security patch for Flash Player. They are urging all users to download the latest version as soon as possible.The security bulletin said that the updates are meant to address a critical security vulnerability that would allow a malicious attacker to remotely exploit the affected computer. Adobe said they are aware of reports stating that this exploit exists in the wild.
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The Harrowing Tale of the Hack of @N & the Week’s Other Big Security Stories

Feb 02, 2014 By Sarah Vonnegut | A full plate of social engineering, another serving of Syrian Electronic Army mischief and a dessert course of ChewBacca malware made the security menu this week. It was the week we learned about how far one will go to keep and to steal a monosyllable Twitter handle, what grudge the SEA holds against PayPal and more – take a few minutes and catch up with all you missed!
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Credit Card Breach Being Investigated By Hotel Management Co.

Feb 01, 2014 By Sarah Vonnegut | A company that manages some of the biggest name brand hotel franchises across the U.S., including Hilton, Westin, Marriott and Sheraton, has apparently been dealing with a potential data breach where thousands of guests’ credit card data was stolen over a period of at least nine months.
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Google Announces 2014 Pwnium Hacking Contest

Jan 31, 2014 By Sharon Solomon | Hack Chrome OS and get paid for it. The upcoming annual Google Pwnium event is offering you this golden opportunity. Over $2.7 million will be distributed as prize money in the fourth edition of prestigious hacking competition, to be held on March 12 at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, Canada. 
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