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Vicious CryptoLocker Ransom Trojan Will Lock You Out & Throw Away The (Decryption) Key

Nov 19, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | A spam campaign first discovered in late October is picking up speed. CryptoLocker, fast becoming the malware story of the year, has hit victims in the US and UK en masse, responsible for millions of tainted emails sent to its intended victims.
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5 Ways To Protect Your Work Cyberspace

Nov 18, 2013 By Sharon Solomon | With hackers compromising virtually every software platform that exists, it’s time for all of us to step up our cyber security awareness. Security issues are crucial especially at work establishments, where sensitive information and data are susceptible to attack.
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The Week in Application Security News: November 11-17, 2013

Nov 17, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | Been too busy changing all your overused passwords to read the security news this week? We’re here to catch you up on the past week’s news from an #AppSec point of view, from Loyaltybuild’s massive breach of trust as well as credit card details, to the Adobe exposure that keeps on giving, to remembering the last of the living Enigma code-breakers – it was quite a busy week in the world of security.
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Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Embraces SAST

Nov 15, 2013 By Sharon Solomon | Application security in Financial Information Systems (FIS) has become a must in today’s malicious cyberspace. Due to the wide range of solutions in the market, many software executives find it hard to pick the right defense strategy for their systems, which contain highly sensitive details and valuable information.
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When It Comes To Battling Cybercrime, Better Safe Than Sorry

Nov 13, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | Globally, upper-level management in corporations big and small have a conundrum when deciding what to do about their information security strategy. It’s a hassle; it’s another expense; it’s unnecessary, they say. Do information security correctly, though, and you could save millions of dollars and headaches; when it comes to data breaches, it’s better safe than sorry.
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Checkmarx and Specialist IT Consultancy Firm Ballintrae Team Up To Reduce Software Risks

Nov 13, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | The companies will jointly work on Application Security.
(CBR) –November 13, 2013 — IT consultants Ballintrae and Checkmarx, an application security testing, have joined forces to reduce software risk. With risk high on the boardroom agenda, it is hoped that the partnership will help financial services organisations minimize software risk when developing and upgrading internal and client-facing applications.
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Join Checkmarx at AppSec USA 2013 in NYC, November 18-21

Nov 11, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | We’re gearing up for another great AppSec USA conference in New York! With an expected 2,500 attendees heading to NYC next week to take part, it is the largest AppSec conference to date, and between keynote speakers, bug bounty group hacks, Open Mic sessions and a Lock-pick Village, it’s going to be a full week.
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Checkmarx Raises $8M In Latest Funding Round

Nov 11, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | Checkmarx started the week off with exciting news: After experiencing 2,200% growth over the past five years, Checkmarx closed a $8 million financing round on Monday.
From the Globes article: “According to IVC, Checkmarx previously raised $6.5 million. It was founded in 2006 by CTO Maty Siman at Ofer Hi-Tech’s Naiot Venture Accelerator. Emmanuel Benzaquen is the CEO.
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The Week in Application Security News: November 4–11, 2013

Nov 10, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | Before you get hit with the next flood of security news, catch up on the big stories that caught the AppSec community over the past week. From pre-Cyber Monday safety tips to the ground-breaking revelation that ‘12356’ is a really popular password to the untraceable Bitcoin robbery of $1.2M, we’ve got you covered.
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Microsoft releases Security Advisory, Windows Users at Risk

Nov 08, 2013 By Sharon Solomon | In a sudden turn of events, Microsoft has released a Security Advisory regarding vulnerability in some of its most common software versions. This security flaw can allow hackers to execute codes remotely by gaining full access to user’s computers.
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