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Checkmarx and Security Innovation present: Faster & Better Remediation [Webinar]

Nov 25, 2013 By Sharon Solomon | FASTER & BETTER REMEDIATION [Webinar]: WITH SECURITY INNOVATION’S TEAMMENTOR AND CHECKMARX’S CXSUITE. Click HERE to register.  Software security requires that software teams create secure code and validate that the resulting executables are not vulnerable. Static security analysis tools allow development teams to locate and mitigate security issues during the development process. In the meanwhile, security guidance reduces the number of security scan cycles that involve QA, Information Security or other teams.
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This Week In Application Security News: November 18-24

Nov 24, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | Start your week on top of all the most recent application security news: Bug Bounties programs proved their real worth with a major find in Gmail, Cupid Media was shot with a hacked bow, Twitter stepped up their privacy plan, and more. We’ll get you up to speed on all of AppSec’s latest!
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Reviewing Scan Results in Checkmarx CxSuite [Video]

Nov 22, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | [slideshare id=28484935&doc=checkmarxresultsreview-131121105407-phpapp02-video] In this SlideShare video, we demo the process of reviewing the source code analysis and the steps you need to take in repairing the vulnerabilities. Explore how the CxSuite solution, using state of the art code flow visualization, discovers vulnerable locations and shows the points to best fix the issue and mitigate further risk.
  Related Resouces: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand LoC: Using Code Flow Visualization for Optimal Vulnerability Remediation
A Successful SAST Implementation [White Paper]
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Obamacare Website Compromised; Security Issues Surface

Nov 21, 2013 By Sharon Solomon | The Obamacare website has now joined the ever-growing list of compromised portals. Reports of bad user-experience and rumors of security breaches have been making the rounds for weeks, but the newly launched national healthcare website ( has now apparently fallen prey to a typical Cross-Site Scripting attack. 
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Operation #AppSecTip 2014 Is Here!

Nov 20, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut |
We’re excited to announce the launch of the Checkmarx AppSecTips survey!
From now until the end of the year, we invite all Application Security experts and enthusiasts to visit and add your professional advice and tips for handling application security. The winner of the top tip, announced on January 1st, will receive the year’s best tech gift: The AR Drone.
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Vicious CryptoLocker Ransom Trojan Will Lock You Out & Throw Away The (Decryption) Key

Nov 19, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | A spam campaign first discovered in late October is picking up speed. CryptoLocker, fast becoming the malware story of the year, has hit victims in the US and UK en masse, responsible for millions of tainted emails sent to its intended victims.
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5 Ways To Protect Your Work Cyberspace

Nov 18, 2013 By Sharon Solomon | With hackers compromising virtually every software platform that exists, it’s time for all of us to step up our cyber security awareness. Security issues are crucial especially at work establishments, where sensitive information and data are susceptible to attack.
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The Week in Application Security News: November 11-17, 2013

Nov 17, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | Been too busy changing all your overused passwords to read the security news this week? We’re here to catch you up on the past week’s news from an #AppSec point of view, from Loyaltybuild’s massive breach of trust as well as credit card details, to the Adobe exposure that keeps on giving, to remembering the last of the living Enigma code-breakers – it was quite a busy week in the world of security.
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Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Embraces SAST

Nov 15, 2013 By Sharon Solomon | Application security in Financial Information Systems (FIS) has become a must in today’s malicious cyberspace. Due to the wide range of solutions in the market, many software executives find it hard to pick the right defense strategy for their systems, which contain highly sensitive details and valuable information.
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When It Comes To Battling Cybercrime, Better Safe Than Sorry

Nov 13, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | Globally, upper-level management in corporations big and small have a conundrum when deciding what to do about their information security strategy. It’s a hassle; it’s another expense; it’s unnecessary, they say. Do information security correctly, though, and you could save millions of dollars and headaches; when it comes to data breaches, it’s better safe than sorry.
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